Windows 2008 remote file sharing

By tuckertom20 ·
Hi all, Im looking for a simple solution for a new windows 2008 server who have a few users that need to remotely access files. they need a local copy of the files on their laptop and it needs to sync with the server every time they go online\web.Microsoft Directaccess involves massive setup and I dont need it really? anybody any ideas, would really appreciate it?. Thanks

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You want easy setup, security, and ease of use.....pick any two.

by robo_dev In reply to Windows 2008 remote file ...

DirectAccess is really a plug-and-play VPN with file sharing/synchronization baked in.

For security, you need encryption, which means either a VPN of some sort or Direct Access.

There are some third-party solutions, such as, or even Google Docs.

The privacy and sensitivity of your data will determine security controls are required. If a high level of security is a requirement, then you need a VPN solution you host yourself.

These things can and do require massive setup. That's why they pay IT people the big bucks...

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vpn and direct access

by tuckertom20 In reply to You want easy setup, secu ...

hi, thanks for the reply! ..first off , there nothing "plug and play" about direct access.!!! cant find a decent doc anywhere to take me through the steps...
Its a job for a friend so no big bucks either.. but its good that experience i guess.. Dropbox is a pay service after 2GB so no point using the software is there to do it for free.
Am in the middle of setting up a vpn and its a struggle.. does VPN use the three different protocols and ports 1701 (for LT2P), 1723 (for VPN PPTP) and IPSEC ???)My understand was it tries all three?. apologies for all the questions ...

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