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Windows 2k Server Firewall

By vastelectronics ·
Here is my Scenario I have An NT 4 Domain with PDC and 2 BDC on 1 BDC resides Proxy 2 and Imail ver 8 mail server. All was happy until I upgraded
the PDC to Win2K server with active Directory. All seemed ok in Mixed mode for Approx 2 months then freq Dr Watson errors started to occur on the BDC running IMail, SMTP32 service Failed. Server reboot was necessary to get mail flowing again.
After looking over my events I determined that active directory was not playing well with NT 4 anymore so I proceeded to migrate this BDC as well to Win2k and Active Dir.
After Migration i followed steps in several articles to use proxy 2 on win2k all seemed fine all services were started as needed. Proxy retained all previous config as was working in NT4.
No email in or out.
Removed Proxy 2 Mail is fine but now I have no firewall.
Is there any way to close all my ports on the server and have them open when needed as with proxy 2. or do i need to look at purchasing ISA server. Does anyone know of a firewall software Available to run on server? I dont need proxy just Firewall capabilities.
Any help is much appreciated Thks Herman

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by akalinowski In reply to Windows 2k Server Firewal ...

i highly recomend getting a non-windows firewall, keep it on a separate unit, either tinker with linux or get yourself a sonicwall, they are fairly cheap and work like a champ

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by vastelectronics In reply to

All users are connected to internet Via a hardware firewall
I only need to secure this one Server I have a Static Ip from my ISP to Host my Mail and a second Nic to my internal Network.
Thanks Herman

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by robo_dev In reply to Windows 2k Server Firewal ...

SMTP32 service failing sounds like an exploit or virus. Are you up to date on IMAIL patches?

There are several fairly good software Firewalls for Windows, like Wingate or Winroute, ....but these would replace your email/proxy server (which may be a good thing).

Either head down the ISA path or go with a complete third-party solution.

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by Shinzo In reply to Windows 2k Server Firewal ...

For starters I would recommend straight away a hardware firewall appliance, if you dont have one. Cisco PIX is a fairly cheap and quality product (different models depending on requirements).

You can then use ISA which will handle application firewall security.

I must agree with the previous post, sounds like you have some virus issues.

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