windows 2k3 sbs Domain Controller Question

By aaron ·

I'm quite a nube, so thanks for your patience. I have one window 2k3 sbs running, and no other servers. The domain listed is "[servername].local"

Is this ok or should the extension not be .local especially if i want other computers to join the domain.


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it's fine...

by sgt_shultz In reply to windows 2k3 sbs Domain C ...

check out domain naming articles at
Name resolution problems that are created by using a publicly registered domain name can be avoided by planning the private namespace around a .local first-level domain so that, in this example, and Contoso.local are both available to internal clients, but is only available to external internet clients.
the whole article:

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bonus question and thank you.

by aaron In reply to it's fine...

that is fairly helpful. thank you.

so does that mean when i have other computers join the domain i do or do not include the extension .local ?

if i dont include the extension .local, do i need to include any extnesion?

thanks again

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to windows 2k3 sbs Domain C ...

the .local is one way to configure a 'private' domain as .local isn't allowed on the internet naming scheme, in Exchange you will have to add the internet domain if you are hosting your own email. IE internal domain name is domain1.local and internet domain register is you have to set your DNS and recipient policies to reflect this info properly.

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by CG IT In reply to domain

though ctmoore would be right on any other Windows Server platform, with SBS you do NOT manually configure Exchange, AD, or even connecting to the internet.

you use the wizards to configure SBS including during setup which will configure Exchange, AD, DNS, DHCP etc.

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i love it when he talks like that

by sgt_shultz In reply to no....

thanks CG.
and to the question's author: pretty sure you have to use the local extension to join domain. thru a wizard, yes? it will either work or it won't you can't get it 'wrong'. if it doesn't work peek in the event log on the server and the workstation and you might be able to see what is going on.

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by aaron In reply to i love it when he talks l ...

thanks for your guidance and replies. I will try it!

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no on that as well

by CG IT In reply to i love it when he talks l ...

you use the //servername/connectcomputer wizard from IE

that is you create computer accounts and user accounts using the Server management wizard.

then, you open up IE on a client workstation, type in http://servername/connectcomputer which will start the wizard to join workstations to the domain.

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