Windows 2kPro - Bypass login? Re-install windows. No cd support.

By MaJiKuLL ·
I have a huge problem! I recently acquired an old pentium 3 Compaq. It had no display so I replaced the graphics card with a cheap ATI Rage 128. I was monkeying around with the settings and switched the existing computer name from Susan to Sheila (which is my aunt that i'm fixing this computer for). It said that I needed to reboot to make the change so I did.
Upon reboot, I got a login screen (which didn't show up before). I never monkeyed with any profile settings or passwords. NOTHING WORKS. not even hitting esc or enter, administrator, sheila, or susan with all case variations imaginable. I was going to reform with my LEGIT windows 2kpro cd. Now when i go into bios settings there is no cd-rom option under boot order. I AM COMPLETELY STUMPED. I just want to erase EVERYTHING and install my legal version of 2kpro.

Any suggestions?

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Floppy Disks

by jlouras In reply to Windows 2kPro - Bypass lo ...

Dont worry!

In the Win2K CD there is a folder that has a utility to create boot floppy disks.

If you find it you will need 4 floppy disks.

If you cant find it send me an e-mail or something that I will try to search the exact folder.


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re: floppy disk

by MaJiKuLL In reply to Floppy Disks

I've already went to and used those 4 floppies. They have a .zip file for each floppy. Are you suppose to leave them as zips when you put them on the disk. I booted the computer with disk 1 in it and it didn't even do anything. It said: "Remove disks or other media. Press any key to restart."

Does the 2kpro cd use the same disks? all .zips?

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by jlouras In reply to re: floppy disk

No, try the .exe file out, it will work for sure... the only problem is that it is going to be slow!



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try administrator with blank password

by CG IT In reply to Windows 2kPro - Bypass lo ...

try safe mode and administrator as the user name and blank password or the last user name and blank password.

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Disk 4 of 4 Error

by MaJiKuLL In reply to Windows 2kPro - Bypass lo ...

Ok so I took your advice and everything was working fine until I ran into an error on Disk 4. "Fastfat.sys is corrupted. Setup is terminated"

There are two options on my cd to make the bootdisks. One is makeboot, the other is makebt32. I tried both and get the same problem on disk 4. Is there anyone that can send me the contents of disk 4?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows 2kPro - Bypass lo ...

you need is a dos boot disk with CD rom support. Boot from the floppy access the CD drive navigate to the i386 folder and type in winnt.

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