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Windows 64 bit OS and Compaq Presario...

By user223 ·
To cut to the chase...
I am trying to get a 64bit OS (ANY of them) to load up on my Compaq Presario S6900nx system. It's equiped w/ AMD Athlon 64 3200+ chip.
When I boot from any of the MS 64 bit versions of OS, I get "no 64 bit System detected" or something along those lines.
Compaq support is every bit as useless as you'd expect regarding this. They parrot the same thing to any question asked...yes, your system will run a 64 bit OS, no Compaq does not support this at this time. Microsoft support points you back to Compaq and vice versa...
Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to load up?

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Try a 64 bit Linux better support for AMD

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows 64 bit OS and Com ...

The 64 bit Linux systems have much better support for 64 bit at this time, especially for the AMD chips. Plenty of device drivers, about 50 times more than for the Windows 64 bit XP.

I wish I knew this before I bought the M$ Win XP 64 bit edition.

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Anything yet?

by larrylabido In reply to Windows 64 bit OS and Com ...

Anyone find "support" for this scam?
I'm running the A8M2N-LA (Naos) Mobo and have spent 3 days online, 4 hours on phone(MS, HP, Asus, Nvidia, Realtek)and am at my wits end.

Wouldn't this be considered false advertising? If there is no 64x functionality how can you advertise the added benefit of a 64x processor that is never realized?

PS: Ubuntu was the original plan, but our Admin and point of sale software don't run on Linux...very 20th century stuff

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