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Windows 64 bit OS issue...

By user223 ·
To cut to the chase...
I am trying to get a 64bit OS (ANY of them) to load up on my Compaq Presario S6900nx system. It's equiped w/ AMD Athlon 64 3200+ chip.
When I boot from any of the MS 64 bit versions of OS, I get "no 64 bit System detected" or something along those lines.
Compaq support is every bit as useless as you'd expect regarding this. They parrot the same thing to any question asked...yes, your system will run a 64 bit OS, no Compaq does not support this at this time. Microsoft support points you back to Compaq and vice versa...
Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to load up?
Want to apologize for the quad post, I didn't get any feedback from the submit button. This is my first post to discussions, so put me in the newb catagory...

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Tad more info please...

by setantapc In reply to Windows 64 bit OS issue.. ...

Can you please include motherboard and chipset stats, and is this a squeaky new install ??

I have a Sempron 64 Bit processor using 64 Bit XP and it works fine, but the tech at the local PC shop had to download the newest BIOS/chipset for it to function correctly.

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Possible driver problem

by Siliconwombat In reply to Windows 64 bit OS issue.. ...

As i understand it with a 64bit os every driver needs to be 64bit based. Whilst the os can run a 32 bit program, as it is so closely linked with the drivers they need to be 64bit. I would agree with setantapc and say that the latest bios and chipset drivers, if they do a 64 bit version. If not you may have to get a new laptop with hardware which has 64bit drivers. According to the mo#icrosoft website more and more 64bit drivers are being produced but many items arent supported yet

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More Specs...

by user223 In reply to Windows 64 bit OS issue.. ...

Here are the other specs....

Chipset : nForce3 150
Motherboard : ASUS K8N8X-LA

I'd also like to add that my system is running the latest BIOS provided by Compaq. (3.11)
I suspect that it may be something in the Compaq OEM bios that is preventing me from loading 64 bit OS's, but I'm not sure and ASUS refers me to I'm in a vicious cirle of non-support here. Any help would be great!
Thx for the replies....

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Actually I think your problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More Specs...

Is with the ASUS nForce 3 150 M'Board this doesn't appear on the MS 64 Bit Supported list.

You could try loading a 64 Bit version of Knoppix and see if that will load but I think you'll find that the M'Board Chip Set doesn't support the 64 Bit OS.

It's one thing to have a 64 Bit CPU and another thing to have a M'Board capable of running a 64 Bit OS.


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by user223 In reply to Actually I think your pro ...

I think you hit it dead on; the shame is I was sold on this system for the 64bit angle! Buyer beware, I should have done my homework then but wasn't hip on AMD at the time...i can recycle the chip and now i have an excuse to go w/ two processors..and onboard raid to boot.
Thanks for your help...

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Just don't do as I did

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to thanks!

Two days after crashing the wifes car I brought home a Dual Processor Xeon M'Board 2 3 + GIG CPU's to suit the M'Board a small amount of ECC RAM only 14 GIG but I didn't get any HDD's as they where out of the SCSI ones at the time and no Optical Drives.

She Who Must Be Obeyed hit the roof particularly when she realized that this was only a test machine to run different 64 BIT OS and Software on and wasn't really going to be used as a replacement to my ageing Dual Processor P3 main computer that's another one to come.

I'm currently waiting for her car to come back after being repainted before I buy any more for my play toy.

Col ]:)

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Love my Dual Core

by ward In reply to thanks!

I just built an AMD xp2 3800 (nVidia nForce4 mobo), 1GB RAM, 340GB SATA. It just cruises through, not bothering to pause at all. I can now start a deploy to the PocketPC and continue to type code into the editor. With my old pentium the editor would be unresponsive until the deploy had finished. And the best news is: I only spent 600.00 USD on the whole thing. Of course, since then I have added some more stuff....

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Windows 64 bit OS

by vdbergjc In reply to Windows 64 bit OS issue.. ...

I would suggest staying away from any Windows 64 bit OS. I could successfully load Windows X64 Professional on my PC, but have major issues in getting drivers for most of the peripheral devices that I have connected. I have a HP printer which HP states will have a driver available before the end of the year. Which year, as this message was on their driver download site mid 2005 and they still don?t have the driver available.

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Forget Windows for 64 bit - it is ****

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows 64 bit OS issue.. ...

A few months back I bought a new 64 bit board and processor and got the MS Win xp Pro 64 bit Edition and loaded it. I checked hardware compatibility before hand. Then found out most of my applications wont run and there are damn few 64 bit drivers my video card is basic no speciality driver for it, ditto sound and forget the printer. MS do not have a 64 bit driver for my 5 button USB MS Intellimouse. What a waste of money.

Two days ago I got a copy of Ubuntu 5.10 (Breazey Badger) Linux and loaded it. Loaded in a quarter of the time of the 64 XP. Includes specific drivers for the sound, video, 5 button mouse and the printer works. I did some googling and found that the best support for 64 bit at the moment is Linux systems for an AMD 64 bit chip - damn I got Intel.

The Linux community is writting a lot of 64 bit drivers as are some of the hardware manufacturers but there is little for Windows drivers.

I next want to try Fedora Core 5 as see how it goes on 64 bit.

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100% Correct

I had the exact same experience with Windows XP 64 Professional. Not only did it actually run slower than Windows XP Professional, drivers were a headache, and even Microsoft Office did not run right; Outlook would crash periodically, especially if a manually Send/Receive overlapped an automatic one. Stay away!

On the other hand, I installed FreeBSD 6.0 64 bit on a server here at work, and it doesn't like the motherboard much at all either... and I have never had a problem with FreeBSD before.

If I knew then what I know now, I would avoid 64 bit CPUs until the OS's are ready for them, complete with enough driver support to make it a minimal headache, if not headache free.


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