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    Windows 64 Bit….Oh no


    by fluidtech ·

    So how long will it be till no new programs will run on my current OS ? Let’s see…it comes out in April, that means by May I’m toast.

    Here we go again…get out your patch kit.

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      Xp has had 64 bit out for a while now

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Windows 64 Bit….Oh no

      You Can buy XP in both 32 and 64 bit. 64 bit processing has been around a while now.

      Lets just say that unless the entireworld decides to upgrade, 32 bit software will remain for a while to come yet.

      They already tried forcing a reduced lifecycle with WIn2K by bringing out ME and now XP.

      Peopl eSTILL han gonto 2K because XP sucks so MS has been extending support due to popular demand for several years past the original lifecycle end date already.

      I wouldn’t worry about it just yet.

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        Different versions

        by jdmercha ·

        In reply to Xp has had 64 bit out for a while now

        I haven’t checked in awhile, but I thought that the 64-bit windows for the desktop was still considered to be a beta product. (I was able to download a copy for free.) But a 64-bit version of Enterprise Server was a commercial poroduct already.

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          Yes you’re right

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Different versions

          WIth all the new 64 bit workstations available now I was confusing the two. Windows64bit is still a beta release, and yes I understand thet we are talking a sevrer version here.

          But based on that, what would be a morivator for people to swap out EXISTING hardware?

          It just won’t happen by the masses. MS will be FORCED to keep support of other platforms up, again just as with Win2K long after it’s ‘expiry date’ was reached.

          It’s like saying that it you own a 128MB graphics card and the 256 comes out you will need a new card. While companies DO write sowtware to utilize the lastest hardware, they also ensure that they support older hardware as you simply cannot force changes that fast. People will just go and buy someone else’s game instead.

          With Windows servers, people will just stick to older software and third party offerings if MS doesn’t offer 32 bit support. As for actual system updates and patches, I can’t see that being dropped for MANY years yet, a good portion of the world would be FORCED to change, which is simply not conceivable even by a company such as Mcrosoft. Can you just imaging how many MS shops would go Linux JUST to spite MS if they did that? Not to mention cost savings, you can get a new NOS without new hardware.

          I think it woul dbe the worst and most illogical marketing move fo rthem to make. YEs 64 bit will eventually take over, we all bought PII’s, then PIII ‘s and now even PIV’s as the market and our needs changed, but it sure as hell wasn’t overnight and many people STILL use PII’s and Win98.

          MS has power, but they can’t change the globe overnight, and I am sure even ‘BillyG, KBE’ knows that.

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        by doug m. ·

        In reply to Xp has had 64 bit out for a while now

        I personally love WIN2K and I also run XP on one machine. Seems to work for the most part. I know some people that for some reason cling to WIN98. I never really cared for 98 myself.

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          A guess

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to WIN2K

          I know people who ot Win98 and love it.

          A few reasons they still hang onto it. ME was supposed to replace 98, and get home users away from 2K. But it was completely hideous, by far the worst OS MS has released to date. So they stayed put.

          When it came to XP Home, they had to consier hardware compatibility on older boxes and end up staying with 98, it’s old, it’s patched fro the most part and with the proper tools and software installed iti’s pretty good for the standard home user.

          I too, LOVE, adore and cherish W2K Pro, just LOVE it fo rmy own personal use, especially where it isn’t business or secruity sensitive, just general daily usage.

          That’s why MS has extended the life cycle by so long after they say they are stopping support. Nobody is running out to buy XP, IF they buy a new box WITH Xp, that’s one thing. When they upgrade from 2K, they start looking at open source alternatives and ways to avoid XP.

          So 2K is still in popular demand, and the RETAIL price AND selling prices are higher for Win2K in Canada than XP licences. It is in greater demand and has a higher value to users. ONLY by about $20-$30 a copy, but it is more epexnsive to upgrade to 2K in most stores than to XP.

          You don’t see win2K in the $9.99 bin too often, if at all.

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      New M$ OS

      by psyphir ·

      In reply to Windows 64 Bit….Oh no

      Don’t upgrade – legacy programmes on M$ – new programmes on Linux.

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        actually . . .

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to New M$ OS

        Linux sounds like an upgrade to me. Heh.

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      Monopolies suck

      by zepployd ·

      In reply to Windows 64 Bit….Oh no

      Ya i really want a 64 bit os, but i really dont trust microsoft. I also heard with the new long horn, their going to have the entire bios run through windows.

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        It’s not a monopoly

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Monopolies suck

        They just have that mindset, and people follow suit.

        They just outmarket competitors that’s all. THey don’t make better software, you don’t HAVE to use MS software. People just FEEL it’s the easiest, FEEL it’s the best, thus the FEEL MS has the monopoly. MS has a monoloply on some people’s minds, but not on teh industry, there is better software for FAR less tha MS is putting out.

        But I like Win2K still, even though I have mu share of Suse toys too.

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        Don’t worry about it.

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to Monopolies suck

        If you want up-to-date software, you could always just make the switch to Linux. If I recall correctly, it was Debian GNU/Linux that had the first available [b]stable[/b] 64bit operating system for the PC, and it’ll still run everything it ran before on 32b architectures.

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      New Porgrams?

      by bill bomar ·

      In reply to Windows 64 Bit….Oh no

      The whole idea behind the AMD64 is that it will run both 64 bit programs AND 32 bit. There are exceptions but that has always been each time the OS has changed to a newer version. The 64 bit system will not recognize a 16 bit installer so many 32 bit programs that still use a leagcy 16 bit intaller will not load but many programs will. I have now loaded 3 builds of XP 64 and have had little trouble with the exception of AV and printer drivers. The AV problem was solved with a little research and the printer drivers should be available after the RTM. Most commonly used hardware has 64 bit drivers (beta versions) that work well. All of my regularly used programs are installed and running normally. This will be, perhaps, the easiest transition of all the Windows versions.

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      64 ok

      by myron_s ·

      In reply to Windows 64 Bit….Oh no

      Get a machine that has an AMD64 Athlon processor as XP64 will happily run 32-bit programs WITHOUT emulation and for 16-bit programs, invest in a virtual machine emulator, say, `Microsoft Virtual MAchine 2004 with SP1` and install Windows 98SE or Windows ME under that. Then you can run 16-bit programs on an emulator that is either 64-but or 32-bit.

      If you do your homework you won’t get caught out.

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        err . . .

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to 64 ok

        That wasn’t his/her point. The point wasn’t about not being able to run old programs on a new OS: it was about not being able to run new programs on an old OS.

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      16-bit lives

      by myron_s ·

      In reply to Windows 64 Bit….Oh no

      Don’t panic too much. Only thing you’ll have a headache with is device drivers for all the gadgets. Take the AMD Athlon64. It has built in naitive hardware support for running 32-bit applications within a 64-bit environment without the need for any emulation.

      As to 16-bit programs. Time to invest in something like Virtual PC7 or Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2004. I’ve got Windows XP 32-bit on my AMD Athlon64 hardware at the moment. Don’t think I’ll upgrade to 64-bit XP yet. Will wait at least for the first proper service pack to appear. A virtual PC will allow me to keep my investment of a fair few programs that are 16-bit, or have 16-bit code within them.

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