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By FaisalShaikh ·
Six months ago, I purchased a new ASUS laptop with Windows7 operating system. I started to notice that when I start the laptop the first time in the day, the whole system seems to be frozen with screen refreshing slowly and menus appearing in bits and pieces. I hope I am explaining this correctly. I then shut down the laptop and then restart again, this time the system runs fast without any delay or frozen screens. For some days I just lived with this problem and then I took the laptop to ASUS service center in Kuala Lumpur, they checked the hardware and found no issues, I then took the laptop to the dealer I purchased from, he reinstalled Windows7 and told me that this should solve the issue. However, I still have the same problem as before. What could be going wrong? Can anybody share his experience with me. Thanks,
Faisal Shaikh, Kuala Lumpur

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Try logging in as a different user

by NexS In reply to Windows 7

Create a new user account and log in as a different user, OR you could rename your user profile (c:\users\) as an administrator, but not your account. The try logging in again.

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Never thought of that

by santeewelding In reply to Try logging in as a diffe ...

But, then, that's why I keep you around.

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by NexS In reply to Never thought of that

And the banana-leaf fans I own.

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Yes, those

by santeewelding In reply to That

A little more over this way, please.

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