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Windows 7 64-bit and adobe flash player

By sloday ·
Hello, Adobe's latest flash player isn't compatible with the Windows 7 64-bit O.S. They thought enough of Apple's O.S. to have a beta ver. They (Adobe) say they're working on this for windows. They say to use a 32-bit O.S. to use flash player on Windows. Is anyone else frustrated by this. and are they really working on this? Thanks...Steve

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Not entirely true

by seanferd In reply to Windows 7 64-bit and adob ...

It is compatible with 64-bit OS, it just isn't compatible with a 64-bit browser.

So, you'll have to install a 32-bit browser until Adobe gets their act together.

Or, until the Internet finally gets sick of widely used proprietary technologies that can't even keep up with what they started.

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Please for give my ignorance

by Oz_Media In reply to Windows 7 64-bit and adob ...

I am missing something here then. I use Win7 64 bit, and the browsers, IE8 and FF 3.5.6. As far as I know, my Flash Player is up to date, and yet I have had no problems with using Flash player or seeing those annoying Flash ads (which I guess could use an old version).

Is this something that is an issue with a brand new Flash Player out for release soon or what? I don't actually know what version of Flash player I'm running, it's just one of those add-ons I trusted enough to just allow updates every now and then.

Wow, how embarrassing! Talk about being out of the loop! I guess I should spend more time keeping up with the latest more often, instead of banging my head on a mixing board in frustration.

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FF is 32-bit

by .Martin. In reply to Please for give my ignora ...

as for IE8... you may have somehow (without your knowledge) chose to run the 32-bit version rather than the 64-bit.

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Have both installed

by Oz_Media In reply to FF is 32-bit


Both teh 64 bit and X86 are installed, but when I open from the shorcut it seems to open 32 bit as the ABOUT info page doesn't list it as 64bit. When I open from the 64 bit Program Files folder, ABOUT lists it as 64 bit.

Seems to have figured that out the compatibility issue for me, even if by a fluke default.

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use a 32-bit browser

by .Martin. In reply to Windows 7 64-bit and adob ...

like Firefox, safari, opera, google chrome, ect.

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Wow, back to the stone ages?

by doomzdayisherenow In reply to use a 32-bit browser

Buy an 8 bit machine. Smart Martin, mis-direction works for the people who are not so intelligent.

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What bit is my IE8?

by cwr64 In reply to Windows 7 64-bit and adob ...

I'm running IE 8.0.7600.16385 on my 64bit Windows7. In IE, "Help About" does not tell me what bit IE it is. Does than mean I'm running 32bit IE?

Never mind - I figured it out...

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by blueskip In reply to Windows 7 64-bit and adob ...

that has a 64bit browswer is FED UP with this! I've been using 64 bit for two feakin' YEARS now waiting on Adobe to pull their head out of their butt!

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WHY no 64bit Flash player?

by cwr64 In reply to Windows 7 64-bit and adob ...

Adobe has no Flash Player for the 64bit browser. After all this time, why does it still not have a Flash Player for the 64bit browser? Anyone know the real reason why?

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Because they haven't finished coding one?

by seanferd In reply to WHY no 64bit Flash player ...

One that works and isn't full of obvious holes, at least. Why else?

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