Windows 7 64 bit Explorer keeps on crashing

By Christidevos ·
I run a network with about 90 users because of issues with Vista i kept all my users on XP but over the last few months starting upgrading to Windows 7 Professional and ultimate and we have had no issues moving to Windows 7 except for on some installations Win 7 explorer keeps on crashing when you explore a mapped drive or local drive and right click to copy or do anything it just crashes. I have read many pages worth of registry editing but don?t see the same key that they want me to remove or copying the explore.exe to the system32 folder but none of these have fixed the issue. Some cases i reinstall but same thing or it is just fixed. Do anyone know of a fix i hear SP1 is to be released soon.

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I have same problem

by kosimov In reply to Windows 7 64 bit Explorer ...

I am having the same problem with Explorer as you have described. I have not been able to isolate it to specific operations as you have, though. It seems to happen to me randomly. I haven't found a solution. It is frustrating to have it crash, then "search for a solution", then finally just re-start. Lately, I just force a re-start immediately, as I have never seen it find a "solution" if I wait for the search.

Hope someone can figure this out; I am not an OS guru; I am a hardware/system designer who uses Windows to run software I need in my work (Simulations, CAD, etc.). So I probably won't be much help in solving this one unless I get lucky.

I have become a bit suspicious of the automatic upgrades and fixes that MS keeps sending out, and I've wondered if some of them could be a problem. I have used system restore a couple of times to bypass some of the "fixes", and get my Toshiba laptop back to a stable state. I don't have much exposure on the Internet so I don't know if it is worth it to install every fix if they are going to cause problems.....

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Do a repair in Windows 7 64...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Windows 7 64 bit Explorer ...

You might be able to correct the problem by doing a repair in Windows 7 64 bit DVD.
Install your Windows 7 64 bit and then select "repair" and just follow the instructions.

Hope all goes well.

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Repair in Win7 64?

by kosimov In reply to Do a repair in Windows 7 ...

Thanks for your suggestion.

When you refer to "Windows 7 64 bit DVD", are you referring to a distribution disk, or, to the disks I made from my computer after I received it with Win 7 installed? I didn't get a DVD disk with the computer, since it is a laptop, and most computers sold with Win7 installed do not include a Win7 DVD; you must make your own set using a program which is present on the hard drive of your new computer.

Thanks, again, for your help.

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If you have a laptop with the distribution disks....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Repair in Win7 64?

Then use them or use your own that you have made through Windows 7.
It should let you do a restore either way.
If not then get hold of a Window 7 disk for you to do a repair.

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Even if you had the installation disk...

by tintoman In reply to Windows 7 64 bit Explorer ...

You would be unlikely to fix this issue with it, those of us who deal with this kind of stuff daily know that the Microsoft installation repair tool is not now available on the installation DVD, it has been replaced by a start up repair tool, which will only help if have a problem starting the computer.
However you might find some useful info about your problem through this link, ok it didn't fix it for everyone, but hey you might get lucky.**69-right-click-causes-explorer-crash-fix.html

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Was having the same issue...this fixed it!!

by ToddZilla of Ptown In reply to Windows 7 64 bit Explorer ...

Please try the following it resolved the issue for me:

1. Download ShellExView v1.41 from the following link

Please Note: The third-party product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.

2. Right-click the "" file, select "Extract All", the Extraction Wizard will prompt.

3. Click Next, input "C:\ShellExView" (without the quotation marks) in the "Files will be extracted to this directory" textbox.

4. Click Next and click Finnish.

5. Open the "C:\ShellExView" folder and double-click the "shexview.exe" file. It will scan the registry for all the shell extensions.

6. Select all the non-Microsoft extensions in pink by press "Ctrl" in the keyboard.

7. Click the "Disable Selected Items" on the toolbar and click Yes.

8. Restart your computer and check if the issue is resolved.

This problem appears to be contextual (Right-Click) menu. I was able to re-enable AVG, 7-Zip Contextual menus. The offender appears to be iTunes. wish I could uninstall iTunes and still manage my iPod !!! iTunes is terrible on a Windows Platform and in retrospect appears to have started after an iTunes upgrade.

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Reponse To Answer

by The Old Barn In reply to Was having the same issue ...

I need to know if ToddZilla of Ptown is from Pottstown PA & if yes, do you do work on computers because mine needs to be taken from XP to Windows 7 since it was bought from Dell as a 7 downgrade to XP. I simply haven't moved it to 7 due to laziness but reading these things scares me off. I'm looking for person who could handle issues like this so, if your location is what I think, somehow my hope is that we could get together so that my computer would finally get to Windows 7, using the free movement that this computer came with. I don't know how this happens but hopefully there is a moderator to handle this issue. I'm in Ptown only for few days as business is out of town area.

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