Windows 7 and Outlook 2007

By luv2bike2 ·
I have Windows 7 installed on my Dell computer, MS Updates are up-to-date.
I also have Office 2007 installed and MS Office Updates are up-to-date.
Charter Internet Security Suite.

My issue is:
1) every so often a pop-up message for Outlook 2007 appears saying that it
has stopped responding and is looking for a solution. Outlook will go to a
transparent screen and about a minute give or take some seconds, Outlook will
come back.
2) also when I first open up Outlook, if I there are messages waiting to be
received it will take forever to download them no matter what the size of the
email message is. 1k in size on up.
3) When I close Outlook, and then reboot/shutdown computer most times i will get a
pop-up saying that a message has been changed do I want to save the
changes. There are no messages open and the subject that these emails have
are not ones that I have... its all too weird.

What I have done and after each step was done I rebooted the computer to see
if the issues were still present:

1) ran Malwarebytes in SafeMode --with the newest version --- cleaned up the malware

2) ran Ad-aware in SafeMode -- newest version -- cleaned up the adware

3) ran Spybot Search and Destroy in SafeMode - newest version - no problems found

4) Ran F-Secure Anti-virus from Charter Internet Security suite - no problems found

5) Ran Glary Utilities - Cleaned up Register, cleaned up Temp. Internet
Files, Clean up of Startup Manager.

6) reboot computer after each process above and still had the issue with
Outlook 2007.

7) after none of those steps improved my Outlook issue, I decided to
uninstall, reboot and install Charter Internet Security Suite --- (which this solved a problem i was having before where I could not open up outlook and IE
8 or open IE 8 and than outlook.). What it solved for one time only was the
speed of receiving email messages. After that it went right back to taking
forever to download messages the next time I opened up Outlook.

uninstalled Charter Internet Security Suite and installed AVG Anti-Virus
software (free version), activated MS Firewall. and I still have all the
issues describe above.

9) Did NOT unistall and install office, i ran the Repair option and still
have the same issue.

I installed some software a couple months back however when I was having a problem with opening up IE 8 first and then opening up Outlook or vice versa Outlook then IE 8. I uninstalled the software and cleaned up the registry of all traces of those programs,to see if they were causing the problem. still the problems existed.

Before I go and reformat the HD and install Win7 and all my other programs does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing these issues and what I need to do to fix it?

Sorry this is so long, i just wanted to give as much information I can.

Thanks in advance!

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Windows 7 and Outlook 2007 cleanup

by norberto.soares In reply to Windows 7 and Outlook 200 ...


you seem to have had quite a number of issues.

if you had malware installed and it was supposedly removed by the different AVs, it does not mean you're clean, it just means you got a positive detection. In the end, an antivirus is just a clean-up tool, not a bullet-proof infection prevention product.

1. Try to cleanup your computer using F-Secure's Rescue CD -
1a. burn the ISO to a CD (from another computer) and also follow the instructions to setup the accompanying USB Stick which will contain the signatures
ab. with this, you can boot your computer without launching the supposedly infected Windows 7 and thus try to uncover some hidden malware

2. you tried launching Outlook without addons? From a command line from the outlook folder run "outlook /safe"

A couple more things:
- use only 1 antivirus (Microsoft's Security Essentials is quite enough)
- NEVER, EVER, disable your firewall. if you need an app/game to go through, just open an exception in the rules but just don't disable it.

good luck


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I certainly agree with the previous post

by tintoman In reply to Windows 7 and Outlook 200 ...

In the sense that to have so many AV or malware programmes installed on your computer is bound to be counter productive. I do not however agree that Microsoft security essential would be "enough". A decent internet security package would help, PC Tools internet security for example.
Nevertheless i stiil think you are attacking this issue from the wrong end, for example I would have attempted a repair of the .pst file before doing anything else, it seems that you have not done this.
You can do so by navigating to C:/Programme Files/Microsoft Office/Office 12/SCANPST.EXE
You must close Outlook before you do this. If you are on an exchange server you will need to use SCANOST instead.

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damage to outlook and/or OS

by norberto.soares In reply to I certainly agree with th ...

I find that the choice of an AV is bound to the level of alarms and the confidence you have with your own actions online.
Kaspersky's AV for example would be a good AV if you're a click-on-everything kind of guy, it will do its best to protect your OS from you by filtering just about everything that goes in and out, but then again, it will suck up resources and have all the bells and whistles for any change occurring to the OS.
After a while, inexperienced users will just (find a way to) disable the alarms or the features themselves. Like the outbound firewalls, which are useless unless you want to control which applications are communicating to the internet.

I recommend MS's AV because it's simple, the signature hit rate is pretty good and it's a free product.

It was already reported that the AV scans actually removed malware (which already lowered the trust to have on the laptop), so I think that a combination of both repair techniques would be in order, fix the OS's infection and fix the local Mail storage as described.



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by luv2bike2 In reply to Windows 7 and Outlook 200 ...

Thank you both for responding. I will do as you both suggested, I probably won't be able to do it until Wednesday night as I will not be able to do it tonight. I will however, post back the results. I do appreciate your assistance! :)

FYI - Charter Internet Security Suite has a firewall -- that is why I turned on Windows firewall after I uninstalled the Security Suite.

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ad-aware scanning was the problem

by luv2bike2 In reply to clean-up

I went into Outlook and removed the Add-In for Ad-Aware email scanning. once that was removed, all but one issue disappeared. the one issue that did not disappear is not a major issue--msn does not start up when i restart my computer. with msn i will uninstall and install it again.

thank you for both your suggestions, much appreciated!

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