Windows 7 and Snow Leopard Dual Boot?

By Tyharo ·
I bought a snow leopard CD and should be getting it today or tomorrow but Im not sure how I would dual Boot the OS so that I get to choose between windows 7 and Snow Leopard after the post like it does with Ubuntu. Ive heard that you can use easy BCD and add an entry in the boot.mbr for snow leopard but I want to be extra sure before I risk dual booting on my main laptop.

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In general

by robo_dev In reply to Windows 7 and Snow Leopar ...

I hate to sound like a wimp, but fiddling with dual-boot options is like running naked through barbed wire. Can really be painful and not always a good idea, especially if it's your 'main laptop', meaning that you may have some data on it.

Hard drives and even USB jump drives are so cheap that having a second drive all loaded up with it's own OS is the safest bet. Or alternately, setup a VMware server and load/install any guest OS you want in it's own happy virtual world.

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The plan

by Tyharo In reply to Windows 7 and Snow Leopar ...

The plan for me was to take out the hdd with windows 7 and install snow leopard on the other driver alone, then boot using F12. or try using easy bcd to create an entry for snow in the windows.mbr

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by Ternarybit In reply to Windows 7 and Snow Leopar ...

Should work if you're using a macbook. If you aren't, you can't do it because you'd be violating their terms of service that are themselves in violation of antitrust. Best recommendation, don't bother. There's nothing on OSX that isn't done better on windows.

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