Windows 7 backup and restore points

By alloy ·
Windows7 backup runs out of disc space and requires manual intervention to delete old backups.
If I disable backups does system restore points still work ? or does it use the backup files?

confused (!)

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System Restore

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7 backup and rest ...

Is just a Point after the last Software Update not a complete Data & Software Load.

So if you are relying on System Restore to save your Bacon you are going to be horribly disappointed. It may be able to return your system to a Software Load state of some time previously by more likely it's not going to work quite right. Yes 7 is better than it's predecessors but it's still not perfect.

As for the Backup option in 7 you need to set it to Overwrite the existing Backup's not just continue writing a new backup file as this wastes space on whatever you are backing up to. Also any good Backup Solution should have a Manual component to make sure that it's actually working. I still have a vivid memory of a Government Department who knew better and had a Security Guard perform their daily backup.

He did as told and started the process and then walked away to do his real work. However 30 seconds after he left that station the Backup Stopped and that was it for the Backup. 6 Months latter when they had a hardware failure they didn't have a Backup to work with.


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want to overwrite old backups

by alloy In reply to System Restore

Thanks for your reply .. I would not dream of not having adequate backups.. and use an external disc with separate software for this purpose.
What I really want to be able to do is to overwrite old backups as you suggest, BUT to the best of my knowledge the 'experts' who designed the backup facility in windows 7 'forgot' to provide this option. As far as I can see one has to go into Backup and restore and delete old backups manually.. else you continue to get the irritating messages that it is running out of space.. so the only way I can see of getting rid of this is to rely on my external data backup but I would like to continue to have the old XP type system restore after software disasters.. So my query is will system restore still work if i turn off Windows 7 backup ?

(Hope that makes sense!)

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Both not same

by Mehul Bhai In reply to want to overwrite old bac ...

AFAIK System Restore & Windows 7 Backup are not one and the same and are not dependent on each other.
Anybody has to say something else??????
Am I right???

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Very different things, indeed.

by TobiF In reply to Both not same

A backup is a copy of files from your computer. First of all - data files. If you do a complete backup of your whole drive, then you'd obviously include everything else, as well.
It rather pointless to make backup to the same physical hard drive, since that wouldn't help in most cases, where a backup would be useful.

System restore may sometimes help you if your computer becomes unstable after an update or installation a new programs and / or drivers.
It will, backup parts of your registry and may keep copies of previous drivers. But not much more.

OEM computers may also have a HDD system partition which may reset the computer to the initial state from when you got it from the shop.

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by alloy In reply to Very different things, in ...

Thanks all, I just was not sure if they shared the same disc space... I shall now turn off Windows 7 backup and rely on my own data backup...

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