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I To like Brad in his discussion of some inherited problems associated with Skype 3 version were resolved with Skype 4.0. I still get error messages related to Starting up Skype that can not be resolved with the compatibility mode feature which is a great work around tool. Alas, My favorite mail client, Incredimail XE and the new Beta 2.0 version have proven a disaster. When during the upgrade from windows Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 Beta, that program functioned very smoothly for about a week, then crashed and of course Incredimail stated they had not developed the driver to support it running under the W7 Build, which was a discouraging discovery. It seems that most developer are lagging way behind, even knowing that August is approaching fast and they will be left with their Pants down, so the story goes. I had to uninstall it completely and I miss that program. It has come a long way battling Aol and others to accept it's concept and showing of it's graphics. Another program which I feel is very critical and is a great alternative to major Virus software programs, Is Windows Live One Care. I have the trial version and for some unexplainable reason, it starts up and after 5 minutes or less, a window pops up saying the service has stopped and will be shut down. Now there is a work around solution to this via troubleshooting and a direction to there web site which addresses the problem, but again I feel that this is a mother ship program from Microsoft and at the lease, these programs should have been given number 1 priority in functionality during the conception of W7. One last input for performance and added stability which from the geek users to IT professionals, there is a great program which is rising fast in the ranks of acceptance. Advance System Care Professional. It is truly one program packed with featured that truly does what it is advertised to do in optimizing and fragmenting the registry in real time behind the scenes, which is vital to the peak performance of all operating Systems. I am having a great experience so far with W7 and implore Microsoft to address the driver problems with these leading software programs to enhance the experience even further. Looking forward to the final release.

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Windows 7

by JeffD_Winteam In reply to Windows 7 Beta Resources

Hello JHASKINS. My name is Jeff and I work with the Windows Outreach Team. I have some information to share with you regarding OneCare and why you have been having incompatibility issues with Windows 7. Microsoft will be phasing out Live OneCare over the next year. Subscriptions will no longer be sold after June 30, 2009 and OneCare will be replaced with a free, comparable security solution. Because of this, Microsoft has decided to focus their efforts on their new PC protection software currently code named Morro. Here is a link that describes this in more detail
I hope this clears some of your confusion. Thanks for being a Beta tester.
Windows Outreach Team

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And some vendors won't be able to fully deveop apps

by seanferd In reply to Windows 7 Beta Resources

until 7 is pretty well nailed down.

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