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Windows 7 Boot and Keyboard Woes

By El Plates ·
Hi I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate on a Dell Dimension E520, this has run without trouble since install. The machine is fully patched and with up to date Avira and Immunet and a full scan with Malwarebytes last Sunday came back totally clean.

However on Tuesday a blue error screen came up and before the machine powered down I saw a message about USB.sys but did not have enough time to read it !!

When I power up the machine the keyboard lights initially work but as soon as I try to use it to boot the machine or boot from the install DVD the keyboard fails.

I have a MIDI music keyboard pluged in, the lights on this do not indicate failure, but moving my qwerty keyboard to use a usb socket that works with that also fails..

The machine was working properly before the blue error screen appeared including the keyboard, ie it is enabled in the BIOS.

Have been trying to get it into Safe Mode but it permanently cycles "launching Start Up Repair" without actually entering it.

Trying to boot from the install disk won't work because the keyboard stops working by the time it's needed !

Have tried a new keyboard with no diferrence.

1 BIOS is set to boot from DVD first and HD second

2 Start Up Repair just cycles but does not actually start

3 The keyboard only stoppped working after the USB.sys error message

4 F8 only gives a choice of Start Up Repair or Boot from HD

5 This is not a BIOS set up issue

6 The keyboard light comes on when the power is put on but fails after POST

Am really confused and in need of any / all help offered


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El Plates

by valdaz1 In reply to Windows 7 Boot and Keyboa ...

Sounds like an Electrical Issue! Try checking
USB Connections for Damage etc.

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Sounds like an Electrical Issue!

by El Plates In reply to El Plates

Thanks for the reply.
I have had a good look and can find nothing untoward electrically - any other thoughts ?

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Unplug all USB peripherals

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Sounds like an Electrical ...

except keyboard, screen and mouse. Sometimes having other peripherals plugged in will cause the USB system to do weird things, and maybe your MIDI or some other device is at fault. What happens when only the vitals are plugged in?

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Unplug all USB peripherals

by El Plates In reply to Unplug all USB peripheral ...

Yes that was my first thought but the issue still persists,
thanks for the replys everyone,
still stuck though..
so any more input will be really greatfuly received.
Wish you all a great weeekend,

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Still cant boot

by El Plates In reply to Unplug all USB peripheral ...

Have pulled all usb connections and tried the keyboards into each of the seven USB connections in turn with all of them lighting the keyboard lights untill POST has finished.

There is no PS2 keyboard connection on the PC so that route is a non starter.

Any further thoughts ?


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