Windows 7 boot issue

Can anyone please help with below error, Windows 7 is not booting.

0271: Check date and time settings
ERROR 0162: Configuration Error - Default configuration used
ERROR TCG Error:TPM Initialization Failed.
ERROR 0162: Configuration Error - Default configuration used
ERROR 0199: 0199: System Security - Security password retry count exceeded
ERROR 0197: System Security - Unauthorized Chas change detected.

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This happens when someone has messed with the BIOS Settings

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows 7 boot issue

Or the BIOS Battery has gone flat.

What you need to do here depends on what has happened and what type of computer you have. If it's a Desktop you need to get the BIOS Battery a coin cell generally a CR2032 replaced and then reset the BIOS.

To reset the BIOS you need to read the screen as the unit starts and it will tell you to press a certain key like Delete, F2, F8 or whatever to enter setup and they the BIOS Screen will appear where you need to reset the date and time and then navigate you way to the end and save as you exit.

If it's a Notebook things get considerably harder as changing the BIOS Battery is far more difictult and then you need to repeate the process above to reset the BIOS Settings.

If you do not know how to change a battery you should take the unit to a specalist who will replace the flat battery and reset the BIOS for you

Of course if someone has messed with the BIOS it will just require resetting which you can do as above but I would not suggest you do any more than set the Date and Time as there are a lot of settings in there and unless you know what you are doing you will not get the unit working again.

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