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WINDOWS 7 Continues to Confound

Beyond the IFy backwards compatibility, WIN7 is just plain weird. I'm using the built-in background changer and it frequently rearranges the ordering of my icons, and also fits them in differently. The explorer continues to do wacky things like sometimes throwing the listing to the bottom of the screen, sometimes the top and sometimes just opening like it should. - No one has been able to explain THAT problem...
Then there's the every-day ooops, had to reboot problem. Also there's the COMPLETELY useless and rather annoying - your-program-has-stopped- working and we're checking for a solution window that never seems to close and NEVER helps you.
Plus, there's all this functionality that XP had that is just gone; software and hardware vendors are completely dragging their feet in upgrading their stuff to WIN7 - I bought programs that just don't run, not even in the XP virtual machine - software that won't even install - where is the legacy support?
OK, it does seem to mostly bootup faster than XP, but that just means you get to all the problems sooner! And the patches, my god, there were over 180 this last time! One hundred and eighty mistakes to be fixed! That's encouraging... I'm developing a real love/hate relationship with WIN7; I have an XP machine that I use just to be able to say, ah yes, this is how it was...

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You must be wrong, as everyone knows the Microsoft tech

by Deadly Ernest In reply to WINDOWS 7 Continues to Co ...

designed wizards ALWAYS know better than the person actually using the machine. And, anyway, if you really wanted to control your computer yourself, you wouldn't have installed the Microsoft remote control software called Windows.

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by deICERAY In reply to You must be wrong, as eve ...

To quote Homer Simpson, "Doh!"

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product support is MS's fault

by .Martin. In reply to WINDOWS 7 Continues to Co ...

7 uses the same windows code (version 6000) as Vista, so really, vendors have had since <b>November 2006</b> to make their programs work, which is something MS can't fix. (the main problem is the inability to install programs. this problem is there as the programs were not built to recognize version 6000 OS's).

as for crashes and the other problems, it is MS, their problems are just more... obvious

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You should try using it in a domain

by Kenone In reply to WINDOWS 7 Continues to Co ...

Win 7 doesn't know how to deal with our proxy server (iprism) so it just tells you that you have no internet access. It won't install across the network or takes forever to do so. There is a long (30-60 sec) delay to connect to almost any network resource.
And there's more but I've rattled on long enough.

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OH I have a network but WIN7 hasn't figured that out!

by deICERAY In reply to You should try using it i ...

I have a home network of 3 PCs, and the 2 XP boxes are very happy with each other. WIN7 is so damn smug that it won't recognize that network, won't talk to it, transfer in it or share. It wants to build its own little evil empire, but has this right-wing fanatic bias that only those WORTHY PCs (AKA WIN& boxes) shall have the right of entry. The entire "you can't go back, and we won't help you" concept in WIN7 is infuriating.

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that networking issue is a bugger

by .Martin. In reply to OH I have a network but W ...

try the steps listed here: http://tinyurl.com/ll2jp3

afterwards it should work fine.

Not sure why they made the network feature like that, it is kind of stupid. (only answer I can think of, is because Microsoft can, and did)

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cart before the horse?

by deICERAY In reply to that networking issue is ...

Thank you, I am going to try that right away, but I got really pissed reading that MS TechNet entry! If WIN7 CAN DO IT, why such a secretive process to invoke it? Would it not be more rational to set the defaults to make it WORK WITH older networks, and have the elitist, only-me network as an OPTION? MS just doesn't get it, that backwards compatibility is the world norm. I'll go try that procedure now, I've calmed down... breathe... really no I'm fine now...

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it missed the exhaust exit and impacted on the Death Star surface...

by deICERAY In reply to that networking issue is ...

I went to http://tinyurl.com/ll2jp3 and tried to follow the instructions. Here is my account of that effort:
Comments on http://tinyurl.com/ll2jp3 procedure at MS TechNet:
First, it refers to "the Computer name is and what Workgroup it belongs to." What? That's the PROBLEM: it is not in the workgroup, so it has no name in it, and when it says all group names must be the same, is that in the older existing network, or does that mean change the new WIN7 elite group to that name? That doesn't make sense to have two non-communicating groups have the same name. It says the "Workgroup" but on mine, built from the defaults, the Workgroup is "WORKGROUP", and my home network is the default "MSHOME".
BTW: did you catch the little ADVERTISEMENT in the system window? a hyperlinked "Get more features with a new edition of Windows 7" - somehow that irks me...
This path: "Control Panel > System and Security > System >" does not exist. There is only "Control Panel > System >" then a listing in that window for "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings" - small
difference, but when you are following instructions you have tunnel-vision and are looking for SPECIFIC entries. Then the procedure says "If the names need to be changed" well, which ones need changing, the new or the old?
Then it says "go to Change settings in that category" WHAT category?
There are five sections of text in the window divided by ruled lines.
OMG, on the right-hand side there IS a "Change settings" icon and an AD FOR MS! Somehow for me that just drips of sleaze, to advertise in your own help windows for your own software - it's saying "this version sucks but you can buy a better one now".
The next steps were clear, except that there was no instruction for adjusting the file sharing connections settings - a choice of 128 or 40/56 bit encryption... the author also forgot to tell you to SAVE YOUR CHANGES!
The third step was esoteric - "choose which folders to share on the network and adjust properties to do so." Like he left out HOW and WHERE!
At that point I gave up. Noble effort, but in the end a poorly written instruction set.
I will play with it some more, I feel like I'm closer, but separated from the action like a hockey fan at a game.

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