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Windows 7 Critical Update

By jean_hera ·
Have you even been STACK big time? I did thanks to Silverlight critical update!!
Never heard of Silverlight until recently found on my notifications area a repeated Windows failed to Install a critical Update please TRY Again!!
What a nightmare...since I do have issues I always head to the site looking for possible solutions and google them as well and usually reach a resolution but what I've got with this problems?
First Microsoft Silverlight original site proposes to:- Uninstall old version of Silverlight then Download new version and Install it fine a very logical solution when you do run into installation problems with a program you completely unistall it CLEAN UP the registry and try a fresh Installation which usually work, but not with this Silverlight!!
First it will not let you uninstall as it keeps looking for the original silverlight.msi installation file which disappeared somehow from my computer!!
Any solutions? Yes some sites proposed to Install and run ...
Try to use Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to uninstall existing Silverlight:
This utility for some reason is not available any more!! Instead you get Microsoftfixit which is a removal utility for Office 2003, or later BUT I DO NOT WANT TO UNINSTALL OFFICE!!!! However I tried it as I do have the original CD for office so I can re-install it no big deal...Did it solve the problem NO!!
I keep getting this error....
[The file
c:/c3bef894ff342aa896407**9a\silverlight.msi is not a valid installation pakage for the product Microsoft Silverlight. Try to find the installation package 'silverlight.msi' in a folder from which you can install Microsoft Silverlight]
This same error shows if I try to uninstall or Install Silverlight..
I even tried to manually remove Microsoft Silverlight, and clean up the registry, it keeps asking for that C:/c3be... folder which is not on my HD I tried even to extract the instillation files on another directory or create the c:/c3be... folder same result keep telling me the silverlight.msi is missing or is not a valid installation program ...

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I've seen this before

by NickNielsen In reply to Windows 7 Critical Update

It sounds like you have malware.

Reboot your computer in Safe Mode.

Open the registry editor (regedit.exe).

Select File | Export to back up the registry. When that is complete, search for the directory name (c3bef...) in your error messages.

Delete all keys you find that contain that string.

Exit regedit and reboot. Hopefully, that will fix it.

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