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Windows 7 : Deep Freeze or Antivirus?

By techin ·

basically, I want to know if Windows 7 with Deep Freeze and no anti-virus is safe enough in a K12 school?

I'm preparing laptops with Windows 7 for students. Kaspersky anti-virus can not update itself if Deep Freeze is on. That cause computers to behave weirdly after a few weeks.

By creating standard accounts with strict policies and allow only Firefox as a browser, I should be able to reduce viruses.

Or should I do the opposite...Windows 7 with Anti-virus but no Deep Freeze?

Thanks in advance for your comments!

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The answer to your question

by santeewelding In reply to Windows 7 : Deep Freeze o ...

Would make you rich.

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I would check with Deep Freeze documentation or support

by seanferd In reply to Windows 7 : Deep Freeze o ...

as allowances must be made for such things as updating an AV.

Is this your card?

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Deep Freeze support

by techin In reply to I would check with Deep F ...

Technicians from the school board tried everything that has been proposed by Faronics. They had to exempt many files from Deepfreeze in different location in the system to succeed. I think the registry was part of it.

Faronics developed its own anti-virus to correct the problem. The school board is trying this solution but it is still in beta release and not officially out.

I guess I will install Deepfreeze for now hoping their antivirus will be available soon.

Thanks for answering.

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by meinwrack In reply to Deep Freeze support

Did you investigate Microsoft's SteadyState?

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According to Microsoft

by mr_m_sween In reply to SteadyState

Windows Steady State is not being pursued for windows 7. Shame too, I liked that program.


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not supported on Windows 7

by techin In reply to SteadyState

It looks quite interesting but Microsoft has no plan to make it work in Windows 7. Too bad.

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