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By Happylover27 ·
A few weeks ago, I was sent a link to download a free trial of Windows 7, but it is only for a Vista update; I am using Windows XP, can I still update to Win 7, or do I have to go to another link to download the correct update for XP?

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Windows 7 is not out yet.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Windows 7 Download

It's still just a release candidate.

So, unless the company you purchased your computer from has sent you a link, I would check the source of that link. It's probably a scam.

And, as far as I've heard, there is no upgrade path from WinXP. They (MS) may allow you to purchase it AS an upgrade, but I've heard that you will need to wipe the drive to install Win7. Who knows though. This is all speculation, since Win7 has not been released as a full blown 'product' yet. It's still being tested.

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I've not heard of Windows 7 as an update for anything..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows 7 Download

Generally, the instructions from Microsoft themselves indicate that no matter what OS you are currently running, there is every chance that you will lose ALL your existing data files UNLESS you install Windows 7 RC onto a new hard drive, or onto an old PC that you do not use for your everyday activities.

At no point do they mention anything about an upgrade to any existing installation.

My install of Windows 7 RC was onto a brand new hard drive.

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Windows 7 free trial

by jellyjar In reply to Windows 7 Download
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Upgrade from Vista only

by rgartin In reply to Windows 7 Download

Everything that I've seen and heard was that you could only do an upgrade from Windows Vista. If you want to go from XP to 7, you will need to do a clean install.

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