Windows 7, Dreamweaver CS4, FTP problems

By TerrITech ·
I have these settings and performed upgrades to the Adobe DW4, but still to no avail can I access the server through FTP.

I have coworkers who have DW-CS4 but on Windows XP OS and they're working. There also is an XP user with DW-CS3 and no problem and that's where I obtained the settings to access the server...what could be different between DW-3 or 4 or Windows 7 OS? Thanks!

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by TobiF In reply to Windows 7, Dreamweaver CS ...

Sounds like a firewall may be stopping you.

Check that your firewall allows outgoing connections to TCP ports 20 and 21 (or 22, in case of Secure FTP).
Also check that FTP is using passive server mode.

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ports 20 and 21?

by TerrITech In reply to Firewall?

Both ports? How do we do that, I think I see in DW the default of 21...
checked and unchecked the passive server mode too. Thanks.

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FTP is a funny protocol.

by TobiF In reply to ports 20 and 21?

The original spec for ftp (unless I remember wrong) uses port 21 (initiated from the client) as control channel, and port 20 (active: initiated from server; passive: initiated from client) for data transfer.

In todays world, with NAT routers almost everywhere, the "active" mode has small chances of succeeding.

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