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Windows 7 end user brochure?

By justinm001 ·
I'm planning on upgrading some client's to windows 7 from XP and was wondering if anyone has a brochure for endusers just on the new tips and tricks that windows 7 has over XP. I'm doing an install tonight and don't really have much time to create something. I'm mainly looking for something thats a few pages with big lettering and some pictures that i can leave at every clients desk after upgrading.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Windows 7 end user brochu ...

Nice upgrade, savign yourself some work in future, fewer issues than XP for sure!
MS seems to have the best way to learn the new features of Win7. Leave them a link instead of a brochure, they'll get a lot more out of it, even if you don't get to look like a presentation superhero for it.

more specifically for your needs:

At least each user can see what fits their needs best this way.

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by justinm001 In reply to Simple

Thanks for the tip, I'll add that in my email I'll send them. The main problem is I work with mainly non-profits who employ retired people which are usually afraid of change so i'm hoping to make the transition easiest for them since I won't be there in person to ask questions and don't want them to be afraid of the improvements.

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If they can use XP

by Oz_Media In reply to thanks

The new features (available from the link provided) will be a major ease of use for them. Win7 is just a vastly improved XP feature set with greater security than XP too. It's intuitive (and that's not just a buzz word anymore)and very easy to use.

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You are, of course, aware you can't upgrade XP to 7.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Windows 7 end user brochu ...

You can upgrade from XP to Vista to 7, or you can let 7 completely erase the drive before it installs itself from scratch, but you can't upgrade directly from XP to 7.

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by justinm001 In reply to You are, of course, aware ...

I know, Mainly we'll be purchasing new computers to replace their older ones then transferring data. I like the term upgrading instead of migrating as upgrading is more positive and makes spending the money more worthwhile on paper.

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Migrating is for the birds!

by Oz_Media In reply to correct

Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one. :)

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