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Windows 7 Explorer Misbehaves

This is most peculiar. Ever since the windows for Workgroups (blast to the past, eh?) the Windows file manager, for the most part, behaved. WIN7's version of the file manager is a bad boy. When I click on a folder to view it contents by clicking in the left-hand panel, instead of just opening, or shooting to the top of the list, it drops to the *bottom* and actually hides anything contained below it! Yes, it does display the contents in the right-hand window, but not in the left. Then, I can scroll the left-hand window list of folders and click on another folder and it will happen again OR NOT! There is no logic to it that I can see. This happens whether I'm inside my drives, or working from desktop listings or My documents; virtually anywhere, it more often than not, drops the revealed contents to the bottom of the window!
Is this just me, or does this happen to anyone else? (I am, somehow, cursed when it comes to PCs - as many people can attest, things happen on and to my computers that no one has ever heard of before; while this is a great source of learning and growth for me, it is also a frustration, and as I mentioned, a curse, in that I spend inordinate amounts of time fixing things that for anyone else have never gone wrong!)
Additionally, when I scroll the left-hand window, on occasion, when released from the scroll, zoom all the way to the top listing! [Brand new mouse, fairly new system quad core, WIN7 professional, fully updated.]

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Me too, kinda!

by Economix In reply to Windows 7 Explorer Misbeh ...

I've had a similar issue with my Adobe Premiere program. After I open it and it's behind my 6 other programs running when I minimize them all (not including the Adobe Premiere), Adobe has all the sudden disappeared. The icon show's it's still running as does task manager. I have to right-click the program icon and maximize it in order to get it back on my display. This doesn't happen all the time, only when it seems to feel like making me think I just closed and didn't save a project. It's only annoying because it doesn't seem to make sense as to when it happens or why.

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by deICERAY In reply to Me too, kinda!

You didn't mention what OS you are running; if it's WIN7 maybe there's a thread of relationships there. If not, then I have nothing to add/help in your situation. Sorry.
I have had a similar situation with Firefox - as mentioned in a post elsewhere, when I run Firefox the first time and shut it down with a click on the big X in the upper right-hand corner, the window closes, but firefox.exe *32 is still running in the proccess list. I have to shut it down from there. But if I click File/Exit, it shuts down properly. Perhaps that is in some way helpful to your situation; try minimizing from the menu bar, rather than the icon and see if that resolves it - could be a programming glitch on Adobe's part.

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Vista's Explorer

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Windows 7 Explorer Misbeh ...

doesn't behave well either. Though it's not the pita that looks to be. It just doesn't hold View settings, or open maximized, ever. Grrrr....

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