Windows 7 File Won't Delete

By Tyharo ·
Just yesterday my families computer got a virus, most likely because of one of my little sisters, but It was a virus called "Defender". I was a fake anti virus that planted its self in the computer and released some spy ware and 2 Trojans. It poped up two days ago and we some how got ride of it by restarting the computer. Then we noticed that it would activate system restore and restore its self. I went to my personal computer and copied malwarebytes and tweak power pack (a software with a bunch of tools that i actually got from tech republic) and ran them. Trend micro was already on the computer and i also scanned with that. i deleted all the spy ware and both Trojans. Now i have one problem that may be bad. Th launch file is still there in the appdata/roaming folder. I dont think it launches to anything and im not going to try, but i am unable to delete it. When I try to delete it tell me to try again or cancel. I believe that the launch file wont work any more because the symbol next to it is gone now that I deleted the viruses, so i believe that the file goes no ware, or has nothing to refer to as far as any launch files, But yet it remains. I am wondering how I could delete this file? There are no suspicious processes running, so im pretty sure its no in use. Any ideas and how i could get ride of this file?

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Try this

by markp24 In reply to Windows 7 File Won't Dele ...


Have you attempted to boot in safe mode then delete the file?
You can also download a Linux live cd or a "unlitmate boot CD for windows" and boot from that to delete the file,

you can download a utility (unlocker is one tool) to delete the file, and if it cannot it will delete it on the next reboot.
You may want to disable the system restore on the opc that is infected as well reboot, then re enable it.

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by Tyharo In reply to Try this

Thanks, i used the tool "unlocker" and it got ride of it.

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You should

by AnsuGisalas In reply to fixed

thank the man (press the mark as helpful button under his post) and you should consider following his other advice as well.
And you could ensure that your firewall, behavior blocker and AV solutions are working properly (after all maintenance) by starting in safe mode and starting them manually from there. It's enough to start them, then you can reboot to normal.

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Thats great!

by markp24 In reply to fixed


happy to hear it wokred for you, please do feel free to give the answer a thumbs up, (so i get a credit for giving a good answer)

thank you!

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