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By elderlemon ·
With this mornings emails i found myself pondering the installation of Windows 7. Normally Tech's emails are informative and generally helpful but not this morning. I refuse to assist yet another Microsoft Product Research and Development. Perhaps it is my once tradesman origins but charity work i reserve for the aged, infirm or those genuinely financially challenged. Much as in my youth i enjoyed the challenge of 27 floppies, mandatory mouse drivers, the delight of later mscdex drivers and the fathomless joy of dual speed CD players i have certainly not the remotest inkling to test Windows 7.
Millennium fever subtly replaced Marketing fervour and the failed spectacle of a replacement for 98 with ME. But i have no doubt not recovered from the XP fiasco replacing what we all know should have been called NT6 for idiots. Marketing replaced integrity with a platform which seemed solely intent on providing the Windows logo and that awful Tar-rah wave.
In a matter of months the once sacred original CD locked in the bowels of a secret vault could no longer be considered the Master Copy. Hence the rushed updates and the creation of the infamous DLL **** we have by now come to know and enjoy. Will i ever inform Microsoft about this problem??? not likely.
As for my refusal to load Vista in any format on any personal machine i consider private or personal well the answer is simply no way Bill. i am happy for those students who got cheap versions of Office but for myself such marketing or PR tactics never sit comfortable. Much as XP 64 did provide much amusement and fun for a few boring months of illness one grew tired of invading the MS installer and lying to install Vista drivers on non Vista platforms.
i did share the anger towards hardware manufacturers which is so common among XP 64 bit users relative to device driver files because unlike software manufacturers there is little justification for not supplying driver files in any format the end user of a product chooses to use.
This morning as i rummaged about for software dongles for a small printing process i am again amazed at the reliable and functionality of major software packages. For the most part these software packages come off the shelf ready to use and although there are often necessary downloads and update the product functions.
So therefore i wonder why Microsoft can not attain the same standards before they place a product on a shelf. Within any manufacturing enterprise i ever worked there was always a well funded research and development department and this is true today of most major companies. But Microsoft has for years flagrantly abused their end users as guinea pigs for their R/D and now are being pre-emptive in so far as inviting a play before you pay process to further add insult.
With so many hardware/software professionals abounding perhaps people should wise up. Perhaps for once Microsoft should get it right before they put it out.
Too busy for free-loaders.

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