Windows 7 Freezing

By Dethklok ·
Hello everyone.

My brother has just built a computer and it has been working fine for a couple months. I have recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate onto his computer and my custom built computer. My computer runs Windows 7 perfectly.
While his computer runs it pretty good, but when he is browsing on the internet his whole system freezes and he is forced to restart it.

I thought it might have been Google Chrome but the same problem happens with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

I did a fresh re installation of Windows 7 but the same problem still happens.

His Computer's specs are:
AMD Athlon 2.2Ghz Single-core
ATI 4650 Radeon 1GB
Gigabyte AM2 Motherboard.

thank you guys in advance :]

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Test Your Computer's Memory Using Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows 7 Freezing

Type memory into the Run box or press the Windows Key+r, and you should see the first option will say Memory Diagnostics Tool.

A dialog will pop up asking if you want to reboot and check for problems now, or check for problems the next time you restart.

If you choose to restart now, Vista will reboot into the memory diagnostic utility:

Or it can be acheived this way.

You'll have to hold down F8 on startup to get into Safe Mode, press Esc to get to the memory checker page and press TAB and then press Enter.

when you are on the screen press F1 and select Extended. Then press F10. Let it run through and let us know how you get on.

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Memory diagnostic

by Dethklok In reply to Test Your Computer's Memo ...

Alright i went to the start menu and typed in memory and clicked on the test and restarted. It is running the test right now.

Is there anything else that can be a potential problem?

I will get back shortly with memory test results.

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Memory diagnostic passed

by Dethklok In reply to Memory diagnostic

The test found no problems with the memory.

Any other suggestions?

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It looks like a lot of people are having the same problems

by Jacky Howe In reply to Go to
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Look in Event Viewer:

by Jacky Howe In reply to Test Your Computer's Memo ...

Click Start, Run type eventvwr.msc and press Enter.

Look for errors in Application or System with date/time stamps that coincide with the problem you are having. They will be under Type and be red with a white cross (X) in them. Then check out the Event I

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See if the System is locking up in Safe Mode

by Jacky Howe In reply to Look in Event Viewer:

If it doesn't lock up try this.

Vista and W7

Press the WinKey + r and type in msconfig and press Enter. Select Diagnostic Startup. Select the Services Tab. Down the bottom you will see a Box next to 'Hide All Microsoft Services' click on it to unselect all Microsoft Files.
Click on Disable all. Select the Startup Tab and click on Disable all.

If it works you will need to re-enable the items in the startup list one or two at a time in order to identify which one is causing the problem reboot each time you change something. Do the same for the Services.

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This is something that I have only seen

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7 Freezing

With AMD CPU's and NVidia Chip Set M'Boards.

Look at the M'Board drivers as the possible culprit here. Also Gigabyte AM2 isn't a M'Board Model it is a Brand and Family Type of M'Board and to be perfectly honest AM2 isn't the ideal 7 Basis of a stable Platform. maybe a AM2+ M'Board would be a better option but we really need to know which Gigabyte M'Board you actually have here. The Model Number should begin with a GA-XXX something.


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by Dethklok In reply to This is something that I ...

yeah its am2+. when i looked up the mobo on the gigabyte website it said am2 but the box says am2+

i will try to reinstall the drivers. but so far the problem still persists.

its like the others describe it. when im on firefox the mouse will start to hiccup then the system just completely freezes.

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Depending on which M'Board you actually have

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to mobo

There may not be a fix for the issue.


I have seen a lot of NVidia Chip Set M'Boards that simply do not play nice with 7. I haven't seen that problem with Intel Chip Sets and CPU's yet so maybe it's because that 7 is optimized for Intel Hardware, or at the very least it's not optimized for NVidia Chip Set M'Boards.


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