windows 7 games and sound issues

By gbawiec ·
problem-- the basic windows games,minesweeper, solitaire fail to work. get executable unable to run. at same time any on-line video clips will not execute, the log on music does not play(my tip that the PC has failed again) and at shutdown I get " waiting for iexplorer to finish logoff tune, fdo you want to force shutdown". I do a system restore and the PC is good for 2-3 days before it fails again. reloaded windows 7and all drivers, PC worked for 1 week before failing. I have been on the phone with DELL support for over 12 hours the last 2 weeks with no solution.

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Sounds like repeated corruption

by seanferd In reply to windows 7 games and sound ...

I couldn't say why it keeps happening. I'd suggest not using IE for web browsing if it isn't terminating properly.

As to this:
"any on-line video clips will not execute,"

There is no Adobe Flash for 64-bit browsers. So, if you have Windows 7 64-bit installed, install a 32-bit browser (whether IE 32-bit or another browser) and then install Flash.

If this is the case, kill 2 birds with one stone and use a 32-bit non-IE browser.

Is your system hardware and other software fully Windows 7 compatible?

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32 vs 64 is it

by gbawiec In reply to Sounds like repeated corr ...

bought PC new in january with windows 7- 64 bit. looks like you nailed the problem.

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Did you upgrade?

by jfuller05 In reply to windows 7 games and sound ...

If you upgraded to Windows 7, your Dell machine may not be fully compatible with Windows 7. I would make sure to have all the appropriate drivers for Windows 7 and possibly use a 32 bit web browser (Opera is a good choice) :).

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sound issues

by gbawiec In reply to Did you upgrade?

did not upgrade. purchased brand new PC. all software loaded by DELL. 32 bit browser sounds like the answer.

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Probably so...

by jfuller05 In reply to sound issues

let me know how it turns out.

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