Windows 7 hangs at starting Windows screen

By gipit33 ·
I've installed a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on my computer specs

Asus A8V Board with 3-gigs of ram

My video card is G-Force FX 5500 AGP 8X 128 DDR card.

The install goes well enough I can install all the applications. The Problem comes in when installing or updating via Windows update, my system hangs on the reboot. It hangs at the Starting Windows Logo screen right before the windows logo appears. I've been reduced to not installing the updates. The stupid windows recovery doesn't work. Restoring Windows from a backup used to work but not anymore.


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no not this one

by gipit33 In reply to This may be your fix.

The problem that I am having is that the operating system is not even getting to the desktop! It appears to stop at the starting windows splash screen (Before the windows logo appears"

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Win 7 Install Hangs

by willm2003 In reply to Windows 7 hangs at starti ...

I have some suggestions to those installing Windows 7 on older machines running the older Windows OS. Check that the machine is hardware capable first at Microsofts website and run the compatibility check. Second would be to check the Mobo Bios and get the updates if any for that. Finally, the video card may be sensitive to any new Windows updates that get installed. I have notiv=ced that the Windows 7 Updates are much more thorough and comprehensive than before, which is a nice feature, but it can sometimes overwhelm the system. Sometimes the drivers for some devices suchas video cards must be thoroughly removed with a specially written piece of software from the vendor. only then can the new driver be properly installed. Other times the Win 7 Update is not appropiate and must be "Hidden" by right clicking on the viewable updates ( "Hide update" will appear) to stop them from being installed. This technique can also be a troubleshooting method to see if it is one or more updates that are causing the crashes, hangs, and otherwise faulty performance of the PC.

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