Windows 7 Install Issues - Help troubleshoot

By philldmc ·
I am trying to install Windows 7 64-bit Professional. At first I would get blue screen errors but once I enabled the AHCI Windows 7 began to install..then I would error.

However, once I removed 4 of the 8GB of RAM the install went fine, had to keep AHCI enabled.

Finished without a problem. I decided to put back in the other 4GB of ram for a total of 8GB, Windows 7 would boot but freeze at the login screen.

I decided to run memtest+ but it does not find anything wrong with the 8GB of memory. Runs fine on 4 but crashes on 8..

Any suggestions?

System Specs:
MSI Motherboard 760GM
AMD AM3 X4 (630)
4 x 2GB Muskin DDR3, 1.5v, 1333
Samsung SATA 250GB

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Well according tot he MSI Web Site

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7 Install Issues ...

This M'Board supports the following RAM

DDR3 Memory DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600*(OC)

Probably more importantly when you fit all 8 GIG what does BIOS tell you is installed?

Also when you have all of it fitted did you enter the BIOS and make sure that it was all shown and save the changes as you exited the BIOS?

If not then the system will be attempting to MAP the Old amount of RAM to what is installed and be causing problems.

But I can not find any RAM for this M'Board that is supposed to work on it from either thew Corsair or Muskin Web Sites so it may be worth a call to Muskin to see which type of RAM they Recommend for this M'Board if any.

Some AMD M'Boards do not work well when all of the RAM Slots are populated and this could be your problem here. They only work like this with some specially selected RAM fitted.

So if that is the case here you'll need to contact MSI for the Supported RAM List which isn't on their Web Site.


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by santeewelding In reply to Well according tot he MSI ...

I made it plain to the builders of my revamped pc, with a new Asus board, that I wanted everything to play nice, right down to the four gigs max of RAM of the right kind, or else.

These things are not done willy-nilly.

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by philldmc In reply to Windows 7 Install Issues ...

Well, Windows 7 will run just fine on sticks 1 and 2 (each is 2GB), but when I add stick 3 and stick 4 windnows crashes. With sticks 3 and 4 in I ran memtest+ and it did not find any problems. So I replace stick 3 and 4 and windows still crashed. Removed sticks 3 and 4 and it booted up just fine running off only stick 1 and 2.

So for kicks I replaced sticks 1 and 2, and put back in 3 and 4 (so new stick 1 and new stick 2 with old stick 3 and old stick 4) and it worked. Loaded just fine with all four sticks..UGH..doesn't make sense. But when I put back in sticks 1 and 2 all by themselves the system boots fine.

It is when I put other memory sticks with them..So it is like original stick 1 and original stick 2 don't want to play with anyone else...note that all memory sticks are the same. DDR3 - 1333, 1.5V, 9-9-9-24, exact same model number.

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But they could be from different Manufacturing Batches.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to update

But much more likely it's something to do with the M'Board here.


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