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    Windows 7 Installation garbage and trouble


    by deadly ernest ·

    I just got given a brand new laptop to set up for someone. I got given it in the OEM vendors box with seals intact. I’m right at the start of the first boot and doing the initial install set up. Boy, what a nasty thing this is.

    1. Choose your language – please note you can NEVER change this at a later date.

    2. You MUST install the Bing Bar to install Windows at all. It does note you can later remove it. If so, why make it mandatory to start with? I know I’ll find out later, but I’m sure the removal will NOT be easy or they wouldn’t have made it mandatory to start with.

    Next is to choose their local wireless network partner or skip. And, of course, the Windows mandatory reboot.

    More will follow as I get deeper into this.

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      You are using what is called a OPK Install

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Windows 7 Installation garbage and trouble

      Where you have to enter the users Name and Details and do the Initial Setup on the first boot of the device or when you restore from the Restore Media whatever that is with the system you have there. Generally it’s a Restore Partition but none the less it’s only the Users Details things like their Name any Network and so on.

      Just a word of warning if you are setting up at your Home, Base or whatever basically anything but the users place then set any Networking to Public or you will be tieing them to your Networks.

      OH I almost forgot [b]ENJOY![/B] :^0


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        G’day Col, I’m doing it at home and not doing any of the network yet, but

        by deadly ernest ·

        In reply to You are using what is called a OPK Install

        it’s sure nasty for MacroShaft to insist you install the Bing Bugger Bar just to do the initial install of the OS. Since they say you can later remove it, I wonder how bloody hard that’s going to be. Since I made the post I’ve been busy doing nothing while it makes the back up discs – it’s already taken three times as long as it takes to make a full install Zorin OS disc, and it’s only 7% of the way into the first of six DVDs it says it needs – take about bloatware.

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