Windows 7 Installation issue with USB

By Laurardhodes14 ·
I am using a windows 7 operating system, now I want a fresh window to be installed on my PC. My PC doesn't have DVD Drive, so I want to install new windows using USB. But I am facing some problems while installing new windows.

I have researched a lot about windows installation using a USB. So I come to know that I need a bootable USB of 8 GB (minimum). But I am having a problem with booting with my USB. It is not booting properly. I need help as my old window is slow due to too many programs and games.

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Use good boot software

by zeeshanayaz903 In reply to Windows 7 Installation is ...

you must have to use best boot software to boot your usb for installing window

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To load any OS from a USB device your system Must First

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7 Installation is ...

Support Boot from USB in BIOS.

If it does not support this you are up against things before you begin and if it does you must set it in the BIOS before you attempt to proceed.

Then copy the Installation File to the Root of whatever USB Device you are using and plug it into the computer and start it.

If you get a Prompt to press any Key to Boot from USB press any key and follow the prompts.

If you do not get that prompt either you have no OS installed or the Install File is Corrupt or not in the Root of the USB Device and the system can not find it.

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can't boot using USB

by Laurardhodes14 In reply to To load any OS from a USB ...

When I keep my system running and run the setup in USB then the setup is working, but when I restart my system there is no boot option to install new windows. Apart from that, I can't see the drive format option if I open the setup file in USB. This is annoying.

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You need to enter BIOS and set the system to Boot from USB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can't boot using USB

In the Boot Order section. If that is not supported then you will not sucessfuly manage to install anything from a USB Device as all OS's must not be running when you install the Update.

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