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Windows 7 Issues

By Alabama PC Repair ·
I work for a University and we were able to access Windows 7 a few weeks ago before the public release date. I have experienced the following issues. I have been unable to determine why this is happening. Please list other problems or a resolution to my own. We are starting a folder full of issues from our testing before releasing this on campus. I thought I would open this up with the problems below:

I have installed it on 2 desktop computer's that are a few years old and a laptop. The network driver is uninstalled after every reboot on the desktop's.
The laptop usb ports didn't work so I uninstalled the driver from system management and then had to scan for hardware changes to trick it into reinstalling the driver correctly for my usb to function.

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Ummm.... Hate to be obvious but...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Windows 7 Issues

It sounds like a driver compatibility issue. Have you made sure that the drivers are certified for Windows 7?

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Also consider

by SKDTech In reply to Ummm.... Hate to be obvio ...

The copy you are using is a testing copy

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A couple of points to keep in mind, that may help

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows 7 Issues

All those matters indicate the Windows 7 OS does NOT like the drivers you're using or doesn't have proper drivers for the hardware - I had these issues with Aussie modem drivers for years as the MS wizards like only US modem drivers which are close but don't work properly here.

Windows 7 is the first where MS are building the OS to REJECT and not use and all drivers NOT digitally signed by MS as being Windows 7 compatible. At this time they say it applies only to the 64 bit versions, but watch out it will affect the 32 bit versions in time. This is a killer for most of my clients - some already have projects to change their critical software over to totally platform independent by being web based. Vista worried them and this aspect of Win 7 was the killer.

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More Windows 7 problems

by Alabama PC Repair In reply to A couple of points to kee ...

Today we rolled it out to our users. Win 7 thought the audio service was not running. The users was complaining that her speakers would not work. I went into services and saw that the audio service was set to automatic. I stopped and restarted service which made the speakers work. The high definition audio driver also had a splat in device manager. The speakers are working again now.

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