Windows 7 login error - HRESULT Error 0x8007ffff

By McIntyreM ·
Recently I purchased three HP ProBook 4425s laptops. I setup the first one just the way I wanted and then captured the image using MDT 2010. After the image was captured successfully, I rebooted the laptop. After the laptop rebooted and re-setup the devices and then a new user wizard opens up. I create a user account that didn't previously exist on the laptop. Afterwards, it brings me to that new user's desktop. Then I went to the Computer Management Local Users screen; and then I reactivated the Administrator account. Then I logged off the computer and tried to login using that Administrator account. After clicking the login button, I get the following error:

Windows Security
HRESULT Error 0x8007ffff

That's all the error shows and the only button you can click on is the OK button. There are no additional details. I know that I'm typing the correct password because when I type the wrong password, it tells me that the username and password are invalid.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Clean install to solve HRESULT error

by McIntyreM In reply to Windows 7 login error - H ...

The documentation that Microsoft has is insufficient to help me with this problem.

However, since I posted this initial question, I have completely wiped out the system and conducted a clean install. This time I installed it my way, without using what came with the HP laptop. After everything was installed, I captured the image with MDT 2010. No problems this time. All accounts are working properly.

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Problem solved - no reinstallation needed.

by McIntyreM In reply to Windows 7 login error - H ...

After months of trying to figure out this problem, someone posted a solution to my question on another tech forum. This solution does not require a reinstallation of anything, if you are currently experiencing this problem. Just follow the steps below. If you're planning on capturing an image of an HP computer, I would recommend that you complete these steps BEFORE you capture the image. But chances are, you found this because it's too late and you are having this problem now.

-Device Access Manger for HP ProtectTools
-Privacy Manager for HP ProtectTools
-Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools

Uninstal HP ProtectTools Security Manager

Source for this solution:

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Nice to know you got it fixed....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Windows 7 login error - H ...
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Same problem here

by zmudd In reply to Windows 7 login error - H ...

It happened to a customer of mine with a HP dv-7-4165dx. The fingerprint reader stopped working and he couldn't remember the password so I blanked out his password with VistaPE. I clicked on his logon upon the next startup and got HRESULT Error 0x8007ffff.
I was able to resolve this by logging into his account in safe mode and setting up a new password. I restarted and when I clicked on his account and password, I was given two options, 1) to enter the previous password or 2) you've forgotten the previous password - all settings stored by the HP Protect software would be deleted. I chose the forgotten option and then everything came up normal.

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