Windows 7 network install - NO/SLOW Internet

By rouschkateer ·
We have recently upgraded our entire network to Windows 7 installs from an image. Our Internet speed is crawling, at best. The network speed is fine: copying files, printing, accessing mapped drives, etc - no problems. But using IE8 to access the Internet is painful. This effects everyone - instructors, students, admins...anyone on the domain.

Most of the time, the Internet pages times out. The only time we noticed an increase in speed is when students go on break.

We have tried uninstalling the Bing toolbar, uninstalling Silverlight, updating NIC drivers, stopping network sharing services...almost anything we could think of to stop broadcast traffic.

Windows 7 install on Windows Server 2003 DC.

Any ideas? I will post back a response as to whether we have tried the solution.

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Clarify: what is your topology?

by robo_dev In reply to Windows 7 network install ...

How do you connect to the Internet? (e.g. a Cisco router)

What sort of bandwidth is your connection? (e.g. T1, 6mbs DSL, etc).

How many users are on the network?

Is the network a single subnet, or are there multiple LANs?

Do your workstations connect through a proxy server or go direct to the Internet?

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I'm not the Net Admin, but...

by rouschkateer In reply to Clarify: what is your top ...

We use a Cisco router to connect.
We have dual T1's - one to a NYC LAN, one for our personal network.
We have around 300 users max load.
From what I know, it is a single subnet, but each classroom has its own srtuctured IP addresses (does that make sense?)
Workstations connect through a proxy server, yes.

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check DNS/Gateway settings?

by Snuffy09 In reply to Windows 7 network install ...

try turning firewall off
and disable/uninstall windows defender
Has your antivirus software changed? proxy servers?

just some ideas

"From what I know, it is a single subnet, but each classroom has its own srtuctured IP addresses (does that make sense?)"

So you have different VLANs?

"Workstations connect through a proxy server, yes. "

Check Internet options - under connections tab - and Lan settings - make sure your using the proxy server option and the correct server IP is entered.

post back if you get it working, personally id like to know what the issue is too.

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Some answers...

by rouschkateer In reply to check DNS/Gateway setting ...

Individual firewalls are turned off one ach machine. Cisco router is also the network firewall.

Windows Defender is on and running on each machine.

Microsoft Security Essentials is the anti-virus for all machines.

No, not different VLANs, but each classroom has the same subnet, just a different range of IP addresses.

No proxy server.

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Proxy settings

by Bruce Epper In reply to Windows 7 network install ...

Sounds like a problem with the proxy settings. Either the machines are attempting to access a non-existent proxy server or they are attempting to bypass a proxy server on the network and getting kicked by the internet router/firewall.

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Proxy Server

by rouschkateer In reply to Windows 7 network install ...

I stated that incorrectly - we are not using a prxy server. We have a DNS server ( and OpenDNS that is hand configured into each NIC.

Also, getting the Net Admin to turn off the firewall is difficult, to say the least.

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Still check proxy settings

by Bruce Epper In reply to Proxy Server

Make sure there is not a proxy server configured on the client machines.

Since you have your own DNS server configured as well as OpenDNS, you could have a configuration problem on your DNS and it times out too late for your computers to switch to OpenDNS before IE times out. Remove your DNS server from the mix to check this.

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