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    Windows 7 Offline Files on NAS Device?!


    by daniel t00 ·


    I have, in the past few years, been implementing NAS devices for many of my clients to replace full-fledged Windows servers. To be precise, I have been using Buffalo Terastations.

    Using Windows 7 for mobile users, I would really like to have their main storage repository on the NAS unit, but for their files to synch locally so they are able to modify them when out on the road.

    The synch center / “Make available offline” does not work with the NAS device. What research I have done thus far indicates that this feature will only work with a Windows server – or, at least, that it will NOT work with many NAS devices.

    If there is any way to get this to work, I’d appreciate knowing – even if it requires additional software. In fact, at this point I think I would prefer a specialized software product, as I cannot be confident the next Windows won’t sabotage this again.

    I have been able to trick Windows into allowing the Documents library to include the network folder, even though Windows claims it cannot be used unless it is indexed, which it cannot do as I mentioned. To do this, I used the legacy “My Documents” object properties to point to the network location. I’m very glad I was at least able to get this far.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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