Windows 7 PC won't connect to network I extended with Apple Airports

By 0x783czar ·
So I have an Apple Airport Extreme base station that I use to create a wifi network at my house. But on a separate story from this station i have a PC (running Windows 7) that does not have a wireless card. Luckily, I have another Airport Extreme Base Station, so I figured I'd have my second station "extend" the existing network. I asked Apple if this was possible, which it was, and walked through the setup wizard to extend the network. Then I ran an ethernet cable from the Station to my PC. However the PC refuses to connect to the Internet. It says it can access the network, "Unidentified Network (Limited Connectivity)", but that's it. It tells me that my computer does not have an IP address. I tried running the cable to another computer (my Apple MacBook Pro) and got a similar error. Any thoughts?

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You DO have an internet account don't you ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows 7 PC won't connec ...

By the way - your post title is misleading to me.

You DO have network capability (you said so - limited connectivity) yet you claim you don't in the header.

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by 0x783czar In reply to You DO have an internet a ...

of course i have an internet account. I'm extending an existing network. i'm not that much of a script kiddie.

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Limited or no connectivity

by Jacemg In reply to Windows 7 PC won't connec ...

Hey 0x7,
Limited or no connectivity means your PC is set to receive an IP address but there are no devices on the network acting as DHCP servers.
If you don't have any DHCP server devices (Like a router) then pull up the IP addresses in use on all your systems and manually assign an unused ip address of the same class to the windows 7 box.

For Example: If my mac has an address of, and another mac has an address of, I'll tell my PC to use Just make sure the subnet mask is and they all point to the same gateway.

Also, if you've extended this network with a whole new device it should be doing this for you with DHCP, you may want to call apple and find out how to configure the device.

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I'll give that a whirl

by 0x783czar In reply to Limited or no connectivit ...

ok thanks, i'll give that a try (busts out his old CCNA manual)

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