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Windows 7 peer to peer network problems

By Healer ·
I backed up heaps of files from a Vista system to an XP Pro system on the same network. Then I deleted everything on the hard disk where the Vista was and installed Windows 7. I had problems when I copied the files back from the XP to Windows 7. The process could take one to two hours. The problem was not the length of time it took but loss of communications. It seemed to be fine when I initiated the process at Windows 7. However the communications was lost every now and then if I initiated the process at the XP side. When it happened I couldn't even access the Windows 7 computer from the XP system and I needed to restarted the XP system to recover the communications. I forgot to check if I could access the XP system from the Windows 7 system at that time. I doubt I could though.

It appeared to me there was a difference in communications between Windows 7 computers and mixed systems. It performed less satisfactory with the latter.

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Don't go **** for leather - hold back and wait ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows 7 peer to peer ne ...

Windows 7 has been beefed up a bit for networking - using a new feature called 'Homegroup'. This is supposed to be the M$ cure-all for networking, where all networked computers have a shared storage capability much the same as having your own Network Attached Storage unit. HOWEVER, in order to take advantage of this, ALL your networked PCs would have to be running Windows 7.

So, when you have a network consisting of ALL Windows XP you used to have a cohesive connection. The same was true when all PCs were running Vista.

The problems arose when the network consisted of XP AND Vista, and had only become exacerbated with the introduction of Windows 7 into the mix.

I suggest you power down your entire network (whatever that consists of, including your ancillary equipment - printer, scanner, whatever) and also your router. Let the whole thing have a couple of minutes then firstly power up your router ALONE.

Wait until the router has established a clean telecomms connection and it stops flashing.

Then boot each PC in turn - I give each of mine about 10 - 15 seconds gap between booting, so they don't all arrive at the Desktop simultaneously.

But, because one of your networked PCs boots to Windows 7 you CANNOT simply assume that all the network will recognise each other unit immediately.

Leave it alone for 10 minutes THEN try it.

Works for me [1 x W7, 1 x XP Home, 1 x XP Pro].

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What more can the homegroups do?

by Healer In reply to Don't go hell for leather ...

I am not too sure what the homegroups can do while the usual workgroups can''t. In this case the computers on the network had already been communicating part-way copying files from XPs to Windows 7. All of a sudden messages came up and said to the effect that the Windows 7 had run of storage space while it still had plenty. It didn't actually say network was lost only when I tried to access from the XP sides I realized that the Windows 7 was not accessible. I don't remember I had such problem before since I always had mixed operating systems on the network. However I always waited until service pack started to come in before I had the new operating system installed. Perahps this is just a teething problem.

I do have 1 W7, 1 XP Home and 1 XP Pro on the network exactly like yours. I was copying files 13.5 gigs from the XP Home wirelessly and 13.5 gigs from the XP Pro wiredly to the W7 simultaneously. About 20 to 30 minutes down the track, messages came up on both XP systems. It was not they didn't work at all, just it didn't keep up a sustained effort.

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I have moved the post to

by Healer In reply to Don't go hell for leather ...

Ask a Question which I think it would be more appropriate. Your post deserve a thumbs-up. I thank you for your response.

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There is and Jacky Howe found an answer

by CG IT In reply to Windows 7 peer to peer ne ...

see his solution in this thread:

and this solution ties in with the Network and Sharing Center which classifies all unidentified network connections as public which basically prohibits anything but web traffic.

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I don't quite feel

by Healer In reply to There is and Jacky Howe ...

what Jacky Howe posted there was quite the same as the situation I had. As I said the transfers were completed successfully when I started them from Windows 7's end. That was why I felt that there could be some teething problems with Windows 7 that was not fully backward compatible.

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