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Windows 7 permissions question

By Slayer_ ·
I have Windows 7 home prem

I am noticing if a program is installed with an installer (or with Install in its title, such as with winrar archives) that the files some how get locked into permissions I cannot alter,, even with UAC turned off, even if I am the true administrator (unlocked using "net user administrator /active:yes").
I always get permission denied on the files, but I can play with the folders ownership and permission, but the permissions won't propagate down.

For example, I want to change the permissions for Avira to disable the notify, but I cannot. I even tried installing to a blank drive root that had everyone as full control, and even that didn't work.

Is this some sort of block that can only be bypassed by upgrading to professional?

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wow that is interesting

by markp24 In reply to Windows 7 permissions que ...

Have you tried rebooting in safe mode Another way that may work is to boot with a UBCD4win and see if altering the ownership/permissions through that help. It almost sounds like Avira has built in protection?
One other thing, can you disable the Avira service (ig there is one) then change the ownership/permissions and /or alert settings see if that works,
Im going to keep looking around , this is interesting.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to wow that is interesting

I'll try safe mode and get back to you.

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version (disable avnotify.exe)

by mario.jimenace In reply to Windows 7 permissions que ...

- right-click avira's system-tray icon
- select configure...
- enable expert mode (this is how I did it--this could be unnecessary); when enabled, the universal sign for power (pipe sign) will be reflected
- expand the General section
- select the security subsection
- disable "Protect files and registry entries from manipulation"
- make desired permissions edits
- reenable "Protect files and registry entries from manipulation" *

* changes can be made on-the-fly, however file protection will not be reenabled until a reboot is achieved for the system (according to the program)

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