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Windows 7 phone

By rcschaff ·
How many times will you have to reboot this device, since it will be coming from Microsoft.

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LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Damn that's good

by Oz_Media In reply to Windows 7 phone

How did you come up with that, did you buy the MS jokes app for your iPhone ?

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Is this a joke question?

by NexS In reply to Windows 7 phone

You know, as a laugh-out-loud moment?

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Hope not

by Oz_Media In reply to Is this a joke question?

It's about 20 years old now and hardly applies anymore. Couldn't tell you the last time I needed to reboot a Windows computer due to a crash or bug. My WinMobile platforms in the past have also been flawless, but I guess the kiddiewinks need something to giggle about, even if it is 20 years out of date and they just got it now.

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by NexS In reply to Hope not

He's had a very good temper and only gotten angry with it today.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Maybe

Maybe he heard it when he became a TR member 6 year sago and just got the joke, thought it was funny and decided to keep it rolling, not knowing it hardly applies anymore.

Seriously, how many times have you had to reboot Windows to get it to work in the last 10 years? Win98 perhaps?

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by seanferd In reply to Maybe

Not how many - the version of Windows. That one could be a beast. Revision C (and maybe B - I think C was B with some OEM stuff) wasn't so bad (but still bad enough).

Later versions, not so much, but I've still had to reboot (or seen a auto-reboot on crash) on XP (esp. pre-SP2) and Vista. You can discount the issues where app or driver borked the machine, and I'm left with only a handful where the OS did itself in (or a bad update did it, which is still the OS).

Nowhere near the level of crashitude that some people would like to suggest.

- Oh - Win 98 running out of memory while using Notepad. "Can't save file." I never figured that one out.

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by Oz_Media In reply to 95

Notepad can suck up a lot of system resources, that full, white page must be a drag to work around as an engineer. A total GUI bloater if I ever saw one!

Linux wasn't even able to run Notepad, they had to come up with a wannabe called 'gedit' to retain their "uber-resourceful" moniker.

No wonder they can boast about being so resourceful, they leave everything up to the user to do himself as the system does nothing without you.

Now, like dad said, wait until you feel the bite is strong and YANK on the rod!

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