windows 7 pro cd key

By shrpsam93 ·
hey guys i was wondering,
lets say i download an OEM version of windows 7 pro from a torrent provider.

But i dont want to activate using a key that has already been used
i want to buy a key instead

my question is,
in australian currency, how much would this cost?


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by shrpsam93 In reply to everything i've read boil ...

i forgot to mention earlier,

i take it we cant use the upgrade version to upgrade from xp to 7

The way i see it, upgrade versions dont do clean installs? and full installs can?

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Well if you read the M$ Upgrade Paths to 7

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ok

You'll see that there is no Upgrade Path for XP to 7 you need to do a Clean install. So yes you can do a Clean Install from the Upgrade Version of 7 and in the case of XP there is No Direct Upgrade Path as previous versions of Windows had.

Then if you want to use a 64 Bit version of 7 which is the only reasonable thing to do on new Hardware you still need to do a Clean Install.

M$ idea of a Upgrade to 7 is more like a In Place Install not a Upgrade.


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OH also depends on which version of 7 you want

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to windows 7 pro cd key

Like Vista they all come on the 1 DVD well at least all the 32 Bit Versions come on 1 DVD and all the 64 Bit Versions come on another DVD. Then depending on the Product Key that you use this either allows certain aspects of the OS to work or not. So if you where to use a Home Key you would get the Functionality of a Home Basic Version and if you where to use a Ultimate Key you would get the functionality of the Ultimate Version.

Here in AU M$ still is not selling Product Keys if you want to upgrade your existing version of 7 to something better you need to buy the full Product and use the Product Key that comes with that Product. In the US M$ Sells just the Key and a way to switch Product Keys and activate the additional bits that you have paid for.


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Problem Solved

by shrpsam93 In reply to windows 7 pro cd key

Ok thats all the info i needed, thanks for all your inputs, greatly appreciated.

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problem Solved

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