"Windows 7 Pro, Explorer (ver 9 32 & 64-bit) Has Stopped Working"

By fadbel ·
I keep getting that message and have reported it to MS but, no response.
A friend suggested COMODO\VEngine\VESetup.exe but, when I visited the site, there were too many requirements (I like to remain annonymous) but I still need to fix this problem even though I send the info forward to MS when a repair is offered. Yeah!
I've run CCcleaner and Wisefixer but they don't approach the problem.
If anyone has a valid solution, please send the data to me via email.

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Request for Clarification

by PurpleSkys In reply to Clarifications

Is that all the error message says or is there more? If it's a free a/v you're looking for, try avast free for home or avg free.

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Try it with no add-ons...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to "Windows 7 Pro, Explorer ...

In Accessories, System Tools you should see Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). Try launching that.

Or try bringing up the machine in Safe Mode and see if MSIE still has problems.

If it still freezes up try creating another local account, log into that account, and see if the problem follows. If it doesn't then it's something with that profile/account.

If the problem follows, and you're pretty confident that you are virus/malware free, try uninstalling MSIE 9 and then reinstaling it (you may have to uninstall it from two places - the first is in Windows Features and look for it View installed updates; scroll through the list and it should be in the Microsoft Windows section).

Obviously before you go and uninstall MSIE, be sure you have some other web browser so you can download MSIE 9 again. :) I've found that whenever I've removed MSIE 9 completely from a machine that the MSIE icon/shortcuts don't work and whenever I tried to manually launch the EXE nothing happens.

HTH and good luck!

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Response to Explorer Has Stopped Working (responses)

by fadbel In reply to "Windows 7 Pro, Explorer ...

The message is exactly as stated; no other follows except that Windows will shut down the program and re-start it---which it does at the same point I was logged on to.
As to removing IE; though I also have Mozilla Firefox, the complete removal of IE doesn't make sense as updates have been applied.

I'm wondering why I'm not getting a response from a Microsoft Tech? Each time the failure occurs, it sends the complete data to Microsoft.

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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to Response to Explorer Has ...

i don't think you'll ever really get a MS tech response to an error message the your OS is sending. What operating system are you running? What are the computer specs ie: ram, harddrive, cpu? Have you run an antivirus program, malware, anitspyware programs? And I'm not sure what you mean by it requires too much information when visiting the comodo site?

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Reponse To Answer

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Response to Explorer Has ...

The suggestion to removing MSIE v9 is to see if the problem follows with MSIE v8. If it does then you have other issues.

If MSIE v8 works then you can try and reinstall MSIE v9 and see if that fixes the problem.

If after the reinstall of MSIE v9 does not fix the problem then you have to focus your efforts to an add-on (which is why I suggested you try running MSIE v9 with add-ons disabled first).

As to getting a response from Microsoft support, you're going to have to call them. I did that when MSIE v9 was first released when I had to uninstall it due to an incompatibility we found with one of our web-based apps.

I was not able to locate how to uninstall MSIE v9 and everything I had seached on said it would be in the "Program and Features". It wasn't there not was it in the "Windows Features" or "Installed Updates". I had to contact Microsoft tech support who then got back with me the following day.

Long story short they managed to help me remove MSIE v9. I was not charged for the service but I wasn't sure if this was because MSIE v9 was just released or if it was because it wasn't something that required being escalated to an engineer.

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