Windows 7 Pro - Server 2008 Romain/Local Profiles

By lewismsmith ·
Im looking to deploy Windows 7 Pro on around 20-25 computers (most laptops - but several desktops). These will then be connected to our main server. Im looking to use 'roaming' profiles, and store everything on a central server, however staff take laptops home to use. The problem I have is staff not being able to have access to the files from home, we have no plans to use VPN, so it would be ideal if profiles remained local, then every now and then copied to the server, for backups etc? Or the second option I thought of would be to leave profiles local, with re-directions in place for folders e.g documents, pictures, then allowing staff to copy files to a memory stick when needed.

What would you reccomend?


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Use both?

by glen.harris In reply to Windows 7 Pro - Server 20 ...

You can use roaming profiles WITH folder redirection.
A copy of documents etc remains on the local machine so it can be used offline at home, but will sync with the users data on the server when connected to the LAN.
It is worth using both even if laptops are taken out of the equation, as using folder redirection with roaming profiles will reduce logon/off times substantially for users with considerable amounts of data.

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by lewismsmith In reply to Use both?

Hi Glen - Thanks for your reply. At the moment users have got user accounts set up with roaming profiles. However in cases where the server is down, or they take their laptop home, folders like documents etc are not available. I guess I have missed a setting out somewhere. Any ideas? - Regards -Lewis

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by glen.harris In reply to Use both?

Hi Lewis,

You'll find the folder redirection instructions on technet - just search for cc732275

You might want to try this with a dummy user account on a test OU before making it live.


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by lewismsmith In reply to Use both?

Thanks Glen. Ill let you know how I get on!

Regards, Lewis

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