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    Windows 7 Professional on HP Pavilion DV9000


    by n00bst4r23 ·


    I have a peculiar problem.

    I have Windows 7 build 7100 successfully installed on my HP Pavilion DV9000 laptop. My laptop specifications – 120 GB hard drive and 3 GB RAM. I had no trouble installing this build of Windows 7 on my laptop and with Windows update, I got all my drivers installed (video, audio, wireless and even webcam drivers, etc).

    However, now I keep getting the Windows message asking me to reinstall Windows 7 since my current version is the pre-release one. So I downloaded Windows 7 Professional from my College MSDN account (x86 version) and tried a fresh install on my laptop. However, just after “Setting up registry” and before “Finishing Windows 7 set up”, I keep getting the error “Windows setup could not configure one or more system components. Please restart the computer and restart the installation”.

    I have no idea how to get past that. I restarted my laptop many times and tried multiple fresh installs, but nothing works – it always get stuck at the same error message at the same level. I re-downloaded the ISO file many times, burned them from different computers into different types of DVDs, but nothing worked. I also tried installing the x64 version of Windows 7, and I got the exact same error.

    The only way I have been able to get it to install Windows 7 properly when I switch back to my old pre-release candidate build 7100, but obviously, it’s expired. I did full hardware, and memory tests, and I didn’t find any error.

    If it helps, the pre-release candidate (build 7100) is Windows 7 Ultimate, whereas I am trying to install Windows 7 Professional. Also, I am doing fresh install each time – which means wiping off the hard drive and starting from scratch.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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