Windows 7 reports files to be read only when they aren't


On Friday I took delivery of a new laptop pre loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate.

I am delighted with the computer BUT???

I have administrator rights.

I have joined my company Domain on a server running Small Business Server 2003, and I am experiencing 2 problems which may be related.

The domain name is ???woodroyd.local??? when I join with that name Windows Explorer can???t access files on the network and I can???t map network drives. The laptop can see and print to a network printer.

If I then re-join the domain using just the name ???Woodroyd??? then I can access network files and map network drives. Strangely if I then look at the Computer name/domain changes dialog the domain is still listed as ???woodroyd.local???

Things work OK for a while but eventually after a number or reboots Windows Explorer access to the network drives fail. Then the only way to restore full access is to re join with the name ???Woodroyd.??? Mapped drives continue to work as does Outlook whether or not Windows Explorer can access the network.

I do understand that the ???local??? extension is added automatically.

The second part of the problem is that network files (when I can access them) load onto the laptop but when I come to save them the computer reports them as read only. This is true of Word and Excel documents and my client record keeping programme (coded as an Access front end with data files on the server) fails at start up reporting the data files as read only.

None of these problems are seen from another laptop which has been in service for about a year running XP SP3 and which is using ???Woodroyd.local??? to join the domain.

I have checked the files and certainly none of them are read only and they can be accessed from other computers. When they fail on the new laptop, they are not in use elsewhere. Files loaded onto the new laptop over the network from the laptop running XP using Windows Explorer save without a problem to the source laptop but will not save to a folder on the server: the generated error is disk full or damaged etc.

I???m going round the bend attempting to sort this out. I have just about exhausted Google searching for a solution. It appears to be a common problem but there does not appear to be a common answer.

If this continues I shall have no option but to ditch Windows 7 and install XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I would rather imagine

by seanferd In reply to Windows 7 reports files t ...

that this machine has not been properly added to the domain, and that you have very limited rights. You need to see the domain administrator about this.

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I'm in agreement with the above answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7 reports files t ...

But not knowing what the W7 System actually is or how the 2003 SBS Domain is configured the best I can do is point you tot he correct method of joining this system to a 2003 Domain. I know it says Vista but Vista & 7 have the same instructions.


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I have a solution

by JAMESPAT In reply to Windows 7 reports files t ...

Thanks for your input, seanferd and OH Smeg.

About five minutes ago I solved the problem.

I was attempting to access files on the server via MAPPED DRIVES.

The permissions on the server were initially restricting access but after correcting the permissions at folder and file level I still had the problem.


By deleting the mapped drive and re establishing it everything works perfectly.
I was not aware of the fact that mapped drives continue to use the permissions set when they are first mapped, so my efforts to change permissions although correct did not take effect until the drive was re mapped.

I hope this helps somebody with the same problem.

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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to I have a solution

Fantastic! Good detective work.

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No it wasn't

by JAMESPAT In reply to Windows 7 reports files t ...

I was completely up the creek.
I phoned a tech company that has been pestering us to take out a contract with them and they suggested the solution within a matter of seconds.
I really must sign up for that support contract!!!!

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