Windows 7 sleep issue!

By badchiefy ·
Hello everyone, I built my own PC a few years back and have been having issues with the sleep ever since. It will go into sleep just fine, but the issue is when I try to bring it out of sleep. The fans and everything will start up, but the monitors don't respond and keyboard/mouse don't get power(although I used the keyboard to bring it out of sleep). The PC will also sound like it's restarting several times while trying to come out of sleep. At one time I left the computer on for about an hour or two to see if it would come out of sleep and it eventually did if I remember correctly. Any suggestions on what could be causing the issue would be great!

My hardware:
Motherboard - Sabertooth P67
CPU - Intel 2600k
GFX - Radeon 7970
Power - Corsair AX1200
RAM - Corsair Vengence 1600MHz 4x4GB


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Normally this is a Driver issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7 sleep issue!

So update your drivers and see if that cures the problem.

Occasionally Windows can have a problem with a installed Program and not come out of Sleep Mode and if that's what happening here it's best to disable Sleep Mode.


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by banny33 In reply to Windows 7 sleep issue!

Try turning sleep mode off in windows, reboot your pc.
Check the sleep file has been removed (Hiberfil.sys - located on your system drive, unless you changed this)
Re-enable sleep mode

It sounds silly but this actually sorted the same problem out for me.

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