Windows 7 Slow accessing servers

By stein_brian ·
Trying to figure out why on our Windows 7 machines, when I log in locally, meaning not on the domain (local administrator for example) and then try to UNC to a server, i.e. \\server\share, it sits for a while, maybe 20-30 seconds before it prompts me to authenticate. Yet if I type in the FQDN of the server, i.e. \\, the prompt comes right up. If I login locally on any of my XP machines the prompt comes right up without needing the FQDN, so I don't believe it's a networking/DNS issue because it works fine on my XP machines, just lags on my Windows 7 machines. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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DNS timeout?

by TobiF In reply to Windows 7 Slow accessing ...

It could be some kind of timeout.
Check in which order DNS servers are addressed.
Also check if you have any strange default domain names that it will try first, before reaching the ones really in use.

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DNS appears correct

by stein_brian In reply to DNS timeout?

When I do an IPCONFIG /ALL on a Windows 7 client and a Windows XP client they look identical, meaning the DNS info looks identical, i.e. Connection Specific DNS Suffix, Suffix Search order, etc. I did find I had to set DNS Devolution settings on the Windows 7 machines in order for the clients to find certain intranet sites we use. For example our domain is similar to X.Y.Org, but we have some sites that are accessed using and without DNS devolution set the Windows 7 clients couldn't find these sites by hostname only. Not sure if that's doing anything but i don't think so because when I'm log onto the domain the speed is normal. It's only when logged in locally and only with Windows 7 clients.

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