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    Windows 7 Telnet Issue


    by ou812! ·

    I am having issues using Telnet to connect from one Windows 7 machine to another Windows 7 machines via my internal network. So far I have tried and configured the following:

    1. Disabled Windows Firewall on both machines
    2. Control Panel > Programs and Features > I have turned on the Telnet client on one machine and the Telnet Server on the other machine.
    3. I can ping from one machine to the other and vice versa.
    4. Have also tried using Telnet with the computer name instead of the IP address…

    Still cannot connect. Is there possibly some local GP setting I am missing (I am going to research this next…)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      And what errors are then returned?

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Windows 7 Telnet Issue

      These are the key to resolving any issue.

      Don’t turn off firewalls, just allow telnet (default is TCP 23). Don’t forget to allow this in the firewall of whatever router or server lies between the two machines in the network.

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        Re: Windows 7 Telnet Issue

        by ou812! ·

        In reply to And what errors are then returned?

        Thanks for the tip, that was actually my next step. Both PC’s are connected together via a wireless router/switch (Comcast) connection. I was actually going to connect the two machines via a crossover cable, if that did work the only other thing it could be would be the router. I will give this a shot and re-post with results. Thanks seanferd.

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      telnet – anvivius/firewall

      by giadich ·

      In reply to Windows 7 Telnet Issue

      Most likely, this is still being blocked by antivirus software and the likes.
      You should check and add an exception to allow telnet or TCP port 23 and you might want to turn Windows FW back on.


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