Windows 7: unable to connect multiple windows user accounts on 3g

By gabbi111969 ·
Please Help

I'm very frustrated with Windows 7!

I have been using a Sprint mobile broadband USB data modem for over a year now.

I had a home network of 3 client pc?s connected to a router via Ethernet cables.

I had the modem plugged into my computer. (XP Pro) The other pc?s running XP home.

I had multiple users accounts on my computer. 1. Admin, 2. Mine (I use to keep from having admin security issues) and others for my children.

As long as my computer was turned on (no user had to be logged in), all the other network computers could access internet.

Everything was great until I bought a new system for myself this spring.

It is not a brand name computer. (None of my computers are) I had it put together at a computer shop.

Reluctantly I let the tech talk me into purchasing Windows 7 Pro instead of XP Pro. I went with the 32-bit for compatibility with my older programs.

I was able to set up (with some minor frustration) a new home group network using the same setup as I had before.

I managed to get all 4 networked computers connected to the internet as long as my new computer (with the modem) is turned on, logged in to my user, and connected. (Not the admin)

My main issue is:

On my new computer I have 3 users set up. 1. Admin, 2. Mine (I use to keep from having admin security issues) and 3. A dummy user for others to connect to the internet. (Because unlike my original computer (XP Pro) which only had to be turned for everyone connect to the internet this one has to be logged in and connected for others to access the net) But for some reason only 1 (my user, not the admin) will connect to the internet. The admin and dummy user won't. (Even if I have my user logged in and switch users) Also when I do switch users and go back to mine I have to reconnect)

(The admin originally was able to connect)

I am very frustrated. Please help!

(I hope I explained my problem with enough detail)

I have run all of the trouble shooting scans and it keeps coming up with no problems could be found.

The error message when I try to connect is: error 678

I also don?t understand why the modem continues to be powered up even when my machine is off. (It would turn off when my old computer was off)

Thank you

MS Windows 7 Pro 32-bit
Intel Core i5 CPU 661 @ 3.33GHz, 4.0GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 graphics card

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by seanferd In reply to Windows 7: unable to conn ...

Have you looked at this?
It applies to XP specifically, but the general steps would be accurate.

Have you tried cycling power on the modem and router? This can clear errors in connection hardware.

Now, I'm a bit confused. Are you saying
Modem → your computer → router → other computers
That's a bit odd, so I'll wait for you to clarify. But I'll make a suggestion for a better network, if I am not misunderstanding something:
Modem → Router → All computers.

As far as the other computers not being able to connect if either of the other two accounts are the active session, did you set up networking for each of the other two accounts the same as you did for the one which works? This is crucial. Since the Admin account isn't the one that works, I would guess that you did not do networking setup from the admin account for all users.

Please correct anything I've misunderstood here.

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Thanks for responding: I hope this clarifies my explanation

by gabbi111969 In reply to Hm.

As far as I know the only way I can cycle the power on the modem is to unplug it from the USB jack(which I have done many times) I even replaced my modem thinking that might have been causing some of the issues.

I've also unplugged my router for more then a day. (I don't see how the router would have the issue because the computers on the network can access the internet as long as my computer is accessing it.

I can't plug my mobile broadband USB data modem into the router because the router only has ethernet connections.

My issue is with my win7 computer. Only 1 of my user accounts on my computer will connect to the internet.

I have 3 windows user accounts on my computer.

1. Admin

2. My user (I use to keep from having admin security issues)

3. A dummy user for others to connect to the internet. (Because I do not wish to have others be able to access my user)

When I first set up the internet network connection(from my admin account) I was able to connect with both the admin user and my user. (Each time I switched users though it would log off the internet)

To avoid others on my user login I set up a dummy user for the others(computers on the network) to be able to connect to the internet. But when you log in to that user and try to connect to the 3G network it won't connect and gives me the 678 error.

And now the admin user is giving me the same error. (Which really sucks because I can't get on to update programs)
When I try to go in and change settings for the network properties I start to get the same error on my user login and then I can't get onto the net at all.

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Here you have to setup the 3 User Accounts on your Workstation

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for responding: I ...

to be the primary INTERNET Access Point and the other computers on the network connects through them.

Unfortunately this is a issue with 7 not the Hardware involved here as 7 has better Security and when for instance the Screen Saver is on it stops all activity on that user account.

The way I would proceed here is to replace your Modem with one of the 3G Access Points


That would get around the need to have the 7 system not only on all of the time but a user Account open.

If you do not want to proceed that way pull your old XP System out of mothballs and use that to connect tot he Internet and then connect your 7 System to that. Though it is going to increase your Electricity Costs somewhat.

Or load your Old version of XP Pro onto the XP Mode available in 7 Professional. You can download XP Mode or Virtual PC from M$ here



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Thank you so much

by gabbi111969 In reply to Here you have to setup th ...

I really appreciate your help and I am going to check into that!

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you so much
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here is the problem

by melisyr In reply to Windows 7: unable to conn ...

the reason why it will not connect is because there is another wireless manager that is trying to connect and bypassing other wireless networks. all you have to do is log into each user account and press START/RUN AND TYPE MSCONFIG THEN CLICK ON BOOT TAB. UNCHECK ::::ANIWZCS2 SERVICE LAUNCHER:::::::
your internet will be accessed without another software pushing it out of the way

if you want to see if it works first before removing it from loading at start just control alt del and access ur running programs and end process on ANIWZCS2 SERVICE LAUNCHER and see how the internet will respond after that. if all is well and working then u can keep it from booting at the instructions above.

---my issue was that i was able to access the internet on my main admin account and added users and made them all admin as well but they werent able to access the internet. Only my main admin was internet accessble. Im sure this is the same issue your having. Issue has been resolved in my end and im sure itll work fine on yours.

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