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Windows 7 Upgrade RSOD failure

By lynchd ·

I am trying to upgrade 3 new workstations ,delivered incorrectly with XP preloaded, to W7.

The first one went well however the subsequent 2 have both failed with the same error:
FBI Error!
Summary: Spawn progarm()....fatal timeaction
UIA info. 945,FBI preos processing error.
You must power down the system and restart the order.

I have tried multiple disk sets, and multiple reboots to correct this problem but ot no availe.

Does anyone know of a way beyond this?
I am quickly losing patience with the HP restore disk sets/software.

Any help/advice very welcome.

Kind regards, Damian.

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If these came with XP installed

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7 Upgrade RSOD fa ...

You need to wipe the Drives with Kill Disc then the HP Recovery Set should load without a problem.


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by steveng57 In reply to If these came with XP ins ...

why would that work? Their installation formats the drive so it should be a clean installation. What does Kill Disc do that a format doesn't.

Thanks much.

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Kill Disc wipes the Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to why?

Where as Format at best only writes to every third sector leaving the remainder of the drive untouched.

If you prefer to use the Fast Format Option it only writes the Headers and leaves the majority of the drive untouched.

This is a Formating Issue with the new OS which prevents the installing of the Upgrade to XP from Vista. You can thank the improved Security in Vista for this Undocumented Feature.


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I've got the same problem

by steveng57 In reply to Windows 7 Upgrade RSOD fa ...

I get exactly the same problem on an HP/Compaq and have spent the better part of 6 hours so far to no avail.

Did you find any solution? Will be call HP tomorrow to see if they know what it going on.

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no solution i could document

by lynchd In reply to I've got the same problem

of the 2 failing machines eventually one of them worked, why I have no idea.
The final one has been retunred to suppliers.
Sorry for this non-help.

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fogto to add

by lynchd In reply to no solution i could docum ...

i was tempted to try something like kill disk or boot and nuke but the client already had the RMA for the last unit.
It is certainly worth a try if you are still struggling.

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