Windows 7 versions, suggestions?

By DKeith45 ·
It's time for me to experiment with Windows 7. I'm building a new system and am going to buy Windows 7. Any comments would be appreciated on the differences between the all the Win7 versions and best pricing you've found to date.

I'll still be using XP, Vista, and Linux on other systems, but need 7 mainly to keep in the tech loop for working on client systems.


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we run

by PurpleSkys In reply to Windows 7 versions, sugg ...

windows 7 professional on both our home computers...unless you're looking at wanting extra language packs or bit locker, we figured it was the best version to go with. For comparisons, you could check out good luck :)

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Only three versions, hm.

by DKeith45 In reply to we run

I checked your link. Interesting. Odd that there is no upgrade from older Windows OS's to 7 as has been the case in years past. I always bought the upgrade versions as they were really "FULL" versions but required a previous Windows OS disk to authenticate the upgrade process when doing a clean install.

So just three versions this time around? That makes it easy. Looks like Win7 Professional is the ticket, and the OEM version offered at some of the resellers at around $150 will be the way to go. Thx.

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you have to look at what you don't get....

by M@gnesium In reply to we run

Professional editions don't have these features:
Bitlocker encryption
Subsystem for UNix-based apps
user interface for multiple language installs
and Virtual machine licenses (Ultimate version includes four vm licences)

If you're really never going to make use of these features... Pro edition would be the way to go! You can also upgrade from Pro to Ultimate at a later stage if you like.

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by DKeith45 In reply to you have to look at what ...

Whole drive encryption... interesting. I haven't messed with encryption since the days of USENET, REMAILERS and PGP. The last time I used PGP was probably around 1999. I'll look into Bitlocker a bit further.

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From my prospective here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7 versions, sugg ...

It all depends on what you are using this for. But if you are seriously moving to 7 I would not consider any 32 Bit Version only the 64 Bit Version which is the future.

It also probably more importantly allows the use of more than the 3.25 GIG of Total System RAM that is the upper limit of any 32 Bit OS.

If this is for testing with Enterprise solutions you need the Enterprise or Ultimate Version but if it's just for your own personal use Professional woks a treat for most people who do not need Bitlocker and so on.


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oh right Col

by PurpleSkys In reply to From my prospective here

i forgot to mention that part...Darryl did insist that 64 bit was the only way to go

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64 bit

by DKeith45 In reply to From my prospective here

Got it. Will go for 64 bit. You mention Enterprise... that's Vista correct? Win7 only comes in three flavors... Home, Pro, and Ultimate right?

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Fourth flavor

by santeewelding In reply to 64 bit

Called, "Thumbs", for all these helpful folks.

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by .Martin. In reply to Fourth flavor

tisk tisk tisk...

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There are actually 6 flavors

by .Martin. In reply to 64 bit

Starter - OEM only, comes on netbooks
Home Basic - OEM and Retail - In emerging markets <b>only</b>
Home Premium - OEM and Retail - Aimed at home users
Pro - OEM, Retail and Volume Licensing - Aimed at enthusiasts and small business users
Ultimate - OEM and Retail - fullest version of windows, contains all features
Enterprise - Volume Licensing <b>only</b> - for large companies/enterprises


Licensing info
OEM - Pre-installed on a PC, or purchased with hardware
Retail - 'Full' version of software
Volume Licensing - volume purchase, multiple computers with one product key

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